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The Documentary :
While "Elvis - Adrenaline '70" saw itself as Making Of
"That's The Way It Is" and was stylistically treated that way by
the producers, t was a considerably bigger range in this new
So the creativity also had more range, but again original
color elements, writings, logos and sound samples from 1971 were
used to continue the ideology of the outfit. The first time you put
the DVD into the player you will recognize after clicking through
the interactive menu that it is a "sister" production.
Like with the "Behind The Image" series you recognize from
the first second on w this production is from. Anyway, the
producers can't act on the assumption that the viewer owns the
first DVD or that he will buy it first. So you have to document
Elvis's life story again diversified to lead the fan factually and
thrillingly to the year 1971. You also have to consider that not
only the interested Super8 fan buys the DVD but also a none-expert,
a normal Elvis fan whom you have to offer enough knowledge in the
Like on the first DVD it should be shown in the documentary how
Elvis came to this period of his career, especially his experiences
in 1971.
This challenge was resolved in a quite uncommon manner.
With the help of Nadine Schwenk and modern CGI technology a
never before touched terrain was introduced into the Elvis DVD
world: The first minutes were created as complex 3D animations was
Elvis's career (until 1971) is shown.
Afterwards the actual status, that means Elvis's meaning
nowadays with his successful chart entries in the CD and DVD area
is being documented to get afterwards with the help of a
spectacular time warp to the year 1971. That's w the actual
documentary starts.
The year 1971 is highlighted detailed as never before, was
the topic Las Vegas, which is also main topic of this DVD, doesn't
get a raw deal. From the Jaycee's Award to a Christmas session in
May, to the first Lake Tahoe Engagement, to secret marketing and
promotion strategies of Colonel Tom Parker, which are documented
with never before seen original documents and contracts, to the
Summer Festival 1971 until the concert tour which brought the year
finally to an end for Elvis.
Like other products of "Praytome Publishing" & "Bud Glass
Productions" this DVD proves a lot of clichés and lies about
Elvis Presley which established over the years wrong. Watching this
informative documentary the viewer learns impressively how
thrilling and diversified Elvis Presley's life really was.
The several stations in Elvis's life are fascinating like a
thriller, so that the several pieces appearing during a detailed
research fit together like a big puzzle at the end. That means
reverse that lies and gossip are totally needless to tell an
exciting story about the king.
According to "Adrenaline '70" w Elvis tells his own life
story the producers turned their attention to using a lot of rare
and unreleased sound documents. In this connection statements of
J.D. Sumner, Col. Parker, Jessie Presley and of course Elvis
himself were used.
Concert Footage
Las Vegas, Nevada - 1969 & 1971 While "Elvis - Adrenaline
'70" shows only one concert and Elvis in only one jumpsuit, you can
see in this release a handful of several stage costumes of Elvis in
moving pictures. The viewer gets the complete available material
just like in all other products, themed "all t is".
Despite the amount of the several concerts it's not short
clips. In consideration of the fact that it is about 8mm footage
the shown material is even exceptionally long and documents the
several concerts in a comprehensive way.