Item Description
Here it is, the best version of this 1977 concert so far, entirely
re edited for  2009
the quality is great as you can see from the photos the re edited
version is compared with other popular dvds containing this
historic final special, you can see clearly thedifference between,
Thats Live. and Cbs Special dvds these being 2 of the most popular
versions, i have seen lots of these dvds includinga recently re
edited dvd called cbs special 30th anniversary edition and this one
even beats that one for quality
Also has 5.1 audio

You get three choices :

- Original Version
- Extended Version
- Bonus Features

In sequence, you get these tracks ( please find my comments
in blue ) :

- Intro
This gives an overview of the actual preparations for the show,
setting up the stage, PA, as well as fan interviews, Elvis arriving
on the Lisa Marie etc.
- Also Sprach Zarathustra
Up steps Elvis - overweight, his eye surgery all too apparent, hair
looking like a wig, in the sundial jumpsuit.To be honest, this is
the worst bit for me, as it really shows off how bad in shape Elvis
was ...
- C. C. Rider
As soon as he steps onstage, he looks in bad health, his
movements are slow, he seems to be struggling to keep his balance,
but the guitar hides his paunch and his voice is there, as always.
Just into the guitar solo, Elvis silently mouths "Smile,
you´re on camera !" to a girl in the audience, whom we see in
close-.up, laughing thereafter. He also takes a big breath, looking
around, his crooked smile making him look all too human and the
charisma is overwhealming even as ill as he is
- Elvis Talks
Elvis intoduces the audience to the fact that they are being filmed
for television. In the extended version, he goes on to explain that
he is nervous, and a huge applause breaks loose.
- That´s All Right
Elvis introduces this song explaining that they had only an
electric guitar and a bass to back him up when this was originally
recorded. James does a fine job in duplicating Scotty´s fills
and solo. I can´t help but think how cool it would have been
to actually have him do that song on stage with the same three
instruments as on the SUN record, sans the background singers,
drums etc.
- Are You Lonesome Tonight
He fluffs the lyrics on this one, but it isn´t as bad as has
been reported to be. They overlayed this track with fan interview
clips, but it is complete in the extended cut. Plus they took out
the narration. He messes up the spoken part, but only gets his
tongue caught around a word, which makes him laugh, and he proceeds
to ridicule the rest of the spoken part. It is only too apparent
just how nervous he was ...
- Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel
This medley is a vehicle to throw scarves into the audience.
Charlie Hodge is there, and drapes a seemingly endless array of
white silk scarves around his boss´s neck. This segement is
edited as well, but complete in the extended version. At one point
he says "Be careful !" to the female fans ripping and tearing at
each other, fighting for the scarf.
- You Gave Me A Mountain
Elvis nails this one. No other comment applies !
- Jailhouse Rock
A speeded-up version of this classic rocker, Elvis seems a bit lost
on the words, and he only does two verses.
- How Great Thou Art
Same as on YOU GAVE ME A MOUNTAIN, he nails this one. This is where
he was during this period, his heart and soul caught up in his
spiritual search for his own purpose in life. Gospel was his first
big love - and it shows !
- Early Morning Rain
He basically skates through this one, not his best performance in
the show.
- I Really Don´t Want To Know
Another one he nails. The heartbreak really comes through on his
rendition, and he even looks better in this clip. Strange, but
true. He finishes by saying "I love that song !" and continues
"Fantastic !".
- Introducing Vernon
Next is a very touching segment, where Elvis introduces his father,
Vernon, to the audience. He gets him onstage and lets the crowd
applaud him. To me this had a special meaning, as Elvis never got
over his father marrying again, and their relationship, though
always respectful, turned cold subsequently. This to me is almost
like Elvis forgiving his father and showing the audience, look,
this is my dad, and I love him ! Especially when you think that
Elvis would be dead barely three months later, I feel this is a key
moment in the show.Afterwards he introduces his girlfriend, Ginger
- Hurt
Another one he nails, it seems all the songs about relationships
gone bad, dispair and human errors suit him perfectly. He clearly
loves this one !
- Hound Dog
A fast-forward romp through this classic, and more scarf-flinging.
He actually "boogies" during the last part, jerking and twitching,
not bad !
- My Way
He introduces this song as being recorded by Frank Sinatra, and
adds that he has to read the lyrics, because he doesn´t know
them by heart. After the first verse, he drops the sheet and does
continue from memory. Must have been a safety measure, in case his
nerves got the better of him ... turns out, he nails this one too
- Can´t Help Falling In Love
"Til we meet you again, may God bless you, adios !", this is how
Elvis kicks the final song off. For many, perhaps for most of the
audience that night, this was his final salute. Sorry for being
slightly phylosophical throughout this post, but I can´t help
but feel the symbolism in this, Elvis bidding farewell to his
audience, his fans, and his actual "end" being so near, got me
kinda choked up. This is overlayed with Vernon talking about
Elvis´ career, and their relationship, about Gladys´
death in 1958, and his subsequent second marriage in 1960. He
states he moved out of Graceland then, even though their properties
joined in the back. This is a very, very nice bit, where the casual
viewer can get a real grasp on where Elvis came from ... Vernon
concludes by stating that Col. Parker is an honest man,
- Closing Riff
We follow Elvis off the stage, and there is a short scene involving
an obviously distressed young girl, talking to what looks to be her
boyfriend. Her mouth seems to be saying "Let´s go !" or
something similar, and they walk out of frame. Elvis is then led
through the backstage area, into his waiting limousine, and drives
- Vernon Talks
The shot changes to the front door of Graceland, with Vernon
walking down the stairs and off, to enter the office behind
Graceland, which is full of boxes, stacked seven high in some
cases, full of letters from fans. This is Vernon´s speech,
recorded only days after Elvis´ death. He is obviously
struggling to maintain his composure, no wonder, and you can see
the pain he is feeling over his loss in his face physically. This
part had me all teared-up, I can´t help it, it just gets to
me. There is one point I would like to make though - there is a
person visible through the window behind Vernon, walking by
casually during the last part of his monologue. I have slowed this
part down repeatedly, frame by frame, zoomed in on the image (
thank God for modern technology ) and still couldn´t get a
clear view. All I know is that I have read somewhere that there are
rumours saying it is Elvis. I gotta be honest with you, I´m
not one for conspiracy theories, but I´ll be damned if it
doesn´t look very much like him. There is one frame in
particular, where you can see the eyes, nose, and hair line, as
well as the cheek, which looks like it could very well be Elvis, or
at least someone who looks very, very much like him. I have read
somewhere that it could be Jerry Shiling. All I know is it´s
spooky, and I´m not sure what to make of it ... there´s
a guy following him with a hat, which may have been Col. Parker. Or
maybe that´s just what I want to see ...
- Credits

- Intro
- Also Sprach Zarathustra
- C. C. Rider
- Elvis Talks
- That´s All Right
- Are You Lonesome Tonight
- Love Me
- Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel
- You Gave Me A Mountain
- Jailhouse Rock
- How Great Thou Art
- Early Morning Rain
- I Really Don´t Want To Know
- Introducing Vernon
- Hurt
- Hound Dog
- My Way
-. Unchained Melody
love this sequence. Elvis at the piano, sweat dripping from his
face, Charlie Hodge holding the mike and Elvis wowing everyone with
a heart-ripping performance. This is truly brilliant ! What a
performance, what a voice ! Legendary ...
- Can´t Help Falling In Love
- Closing Riff
- Vernon Talks
- Credits

( The tracks in red are the added segments, omitted in the
original version )

- Featurette
This explains in text and picture / film form how some of the
remastering was done on this DVD. Impressive !
- Trailer

All I can say is that this is not the best Elvis ever looked,
and it is certainly not the best over-all performance, but it IS
the last filmed footage made before his untimely death, and in this
restored, remastered version it really shines. The audio is
flawless, the visual presentation is the best one can expect from
material this old, sourced from magnetic video tape and brought
up-to-date perfectly in an obvious labour of love
you will recieve full printed disc case and artwork, the photos are
taken from the bonus feature and clearly show the the comparison
and the great quality on this re mastered version