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Format Ntsc Or Pal (Your Choice)
Region Region Free
Estimated Shipping 3 - 5 Days
Item Description
EACH DISC IS 6.99 PLUS SHIPPING - Discounts available when you buy more than one.

Here are 5 discs directly from the excellent
Thriller Video tapes hosted by Elvira. There is a total of 7
programs on these discs.
Disc 1 - [202-490] The Silent Scream (starring Peter
Cushing) and [202-91] Children of the Full Moon - 2 hours
Disc 2 - [202-535] The Carpathian Eagle and [202-536] The
House that Bled to Death - 2 hours long
Disc 3 - [204-537] Frankenstein - 133 mins
Disc 4 - [202-583] Guardian of the Abyss - 1 hour
Disc 5 [202-604] The Thirteenth Reunion
- 1 hour long
Each disc is recorded in high quality to ensure
no quality loss. Full introductions and trailers are included.
There are chapter stops on all episodes and also a simple menu. I
do not usually create custom menus because it requires re-encoding
the dvd which can give a loss of quality. These discs are made
specifically for high quality archiving. Prices are as follows:
For 1 or 2 discs - $6.99 each plus
3 discs - $17.99 plus shipping
all 5 discs - $23.99 plus shipping

Curious about the quality? The pictures shown
are actual stills taken from the discs you will receive. These were
taken from original sources and recorded at the best quality
possible, no second generation copies here.

Please go to
my other listing for a complete list
of titles. And check back for more Elvira/Thriller DVD titles. I
will be listing more soon. If you're looking for certain tapes,
send me a message, I may have what you're looking for.

Discs come without any artwork. ALL discs are region free. Like the original
vhs tapes, they are in NTSC format. If you need the discs to
be changed to PAL ( I can do this without any quality loss), please
let me know when you checkout. If there are any titles you are
looking for that I do not have listed, please let me know. And also
let me know if you have any questions. Please allow 2-3 days for
packages to be mailed out on small orders (1-3 discs) and up to a
week on larger orders (4 or more discs). Packages are mailed out
twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Send me your
questions if you have any.

I gladly ship overseas however, please take note
that while packages usually take around a week to 10 days to
receive, they can sometimes take longer.
I no longer ship to Malaysia or Amsterdam. Discs
have either not been received or arrived very late by customers. I
will only ship to these places if customer is under the
understanding that if package is not received, I can only provide a
partial refund on orders.