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  I have lots of episodes of the old Elvira show Movie Macabre here.  


Movie Macabre:
Alien Contamination
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
The Beast In The Cellar
Beast Of The Dead
Blood On Satan's Claw
Blue Sunshine
Capture Of Bigfoot
Count Dracula's Great Love
Crucible Of Horror
The Day It Came To Earth
The Devils Rain
The Devil's Wedding Night
The Doomsday Machine
Dr. Black, Mr. Hype
Frankenstein's Castle Of Freaks
Gamera vs Super Monsters
The Godsend
The Great Alligator
The Haunted Palace
Horror of Death
The House Of Dark Shadows
The House That Dripped Blood
The House That Screamed
The Human Duplicators
Inn Of The Damned
Inn Of The Frightened People
The Island Of Living Horror
Kiss Daddy Goodbye
Legacy Of Blood
Maneater of Hydra
Mark Of The Devil
The Mighty Gorga
The Monster Club
New Year's Evil
Night Of The Zombies
The Oblong Box
The Other
Scream, Baby Scream
So Sad About Gloria
Straight Jacket
Texas ChainSaw Massacre
They Came From Beyond Space
Tombs Of The Blind Dead
Werewolf Of Washington

Not from Movie Macabre from from her Video Series:
Alabama's Ghost
Beast From The Haunted Cave
Bloody Pit Of Horror
The Body Beneath
The Brain From Planet Arous
Bucket Of Blood
Charlie Boy
Children Of The Moon
The Cyclops
Dead Of Night
Frankenstiens Daughter
The Giant Gila Monster
Growing Pains
Horror Of Spider Island
I Eat Your Skin
The Mad Magician In 3D
The Mask (3-D)
The Monster Club
Night Of The Ghouls
Picture Of Dorian Gray
Rude Awakening
She Demons
Silent Scream
Something Weird
This House Possessed
Tomb Of The Living Dead
Turn Of The Screw
Two Faces Of Evil
Visitor From The Grave
Witching Time

TBS Schlockathon:
Crow Haven Farm
Halloween With The Addams Family
The House That Wouldn't Die
Moon Of The Wolf
The Spell

Heartstoppers: Horror At The Movies
Spook Stories Spectacular

Lifetime's Movies To Die For:
Buried Secrets
The Colony
Deadly Visions
Death Becomes Her
I've Been Waiting For You
The Lottery
A Touch Of Hope
A Vision Of Murder
When The Bough Breaks

MTV Halloween Special 1984 (6 Hours)
MTV Halloween Special 1986 (4 Hours)
KCAL Halloween Special 1997
1991 VH1 Halloween Special


  These are all from the original airings or from the orignal VHS tapes.  If interested please e-mail me at