Item Description
Jose Maria Ellorietta's lost Spanish
classic. Considered to be the holy grail of Spanish horror films.
Wide screen print in Spanish audio.
A psychopath is obsessed with
killing the most beautiful women in his path. Police
investigate the identification and whereabouts, but do not get
results. What they do not know is that it is not an ordinary
human being, for the wickedness is mixed with paranormal elements
beyond death.. 
 A superb slasher / gialloesque
maniac on the loose flick. The killer happens to be a Vietnam war
veteran, not disimilar to other movies of the early 70's. What
seperates this from them is Ellorietta's style of movie making.
Dreamlike sequences abound and the 
cinematography is overwhelmingly
surreal. The film grips like a vice as we descend deeper into the
killer's psychosis and the scare scenes are pure Spanish
horror gold. Unmissable.
Will play on any 
DVDrecorder / player manufactured since
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