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Item Description
Product Features:

* Rechargeable healthy electronic cigarette set
* Comes with tobacco tar oil
* Has a USB charging cable and one US plug adapter
* No tobacco, no burning, no tar and no real smoke
* No ashtrays, no cigarette butts, and no horrible smells
* More tolerable for non-smokers
* Not offensive to others, can be smoked virtually anywhere
* Luxurious appearance, looks like a big cigar
* Tastes like real cigarette
* Simple to use
* Note: Right plug of adapter would be sent according to your shipping country
* Contains a little volume of Nicotine 12mg to accord with the taste
* Features Marlboro flavour
* Flavour strength: strong
* Color: mainly black
* Dimension: 130 x 15 x 15 mm
* Weight: 38 g

Product Specifications:
Package Contents:

* 2 x E-Cigarette
* 5 x Tobacco Tar
* 1 x USB Charging Cable
* 1 x US Plug Adapter
* 1 x Package Box
* 1 x User Manual

The terms of payment:

1.Western Union

2.Bank Transfer