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Wow.. Incredible 66 Hours of The Edge of Night
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40 Dvd+ R dsics
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The Edge of Night (the working title of the show was The Edge of Darkness) premiered on April 2, 1956 as one of the first two half-hour soaps on television -- the other being As The World Turns (fifteen-minute-long shows had been the standard to that point). Both shows were aired on CBS and sponsored by Procter and Gamble .
The show was originally conceived as the daytime version of Perry Mason , which was popular in novel and radio formats at the time. Mason's creator Erle Stanley Gardner was to create and write the show, but a last-minute tiff between him and the CBS network caused Gardner to pull his support from the idea. CBS insisted that Mason be given a love interest to placate daytime soap opera audiences, but Gardner flatly refused to take Mason in that direction. Gardner would eventually patch up his differences with CBS and Perry Mason would debut in prime time in 1957.
In later years, the jazzier Los Angeles skyline replaced that of Cincinnati . (according to the website, The Edge of Night Homepage, the city of Monticello had grown from an average sized city to the size of a major metropolitan area) The skyline was eventually eliminated in the final two years of the show, as was the word, "the". The title was then called "Edge of Night" for the final years of the show.

The Edge of Night played on more artistic levels than probably any other soap of its time. It was unique among daytime soap operas in that it focused on crime , rather than domestic and romantic matters. The police , district attorneys and medical examiners of fictional Monticello, USA, dealt with a steady onslaught of gangsters , drug dealers, blackmailers, cultists , international spies , corrupt politicians , psychopaths and murderous debutantes while coping with more usual soap opera problems such as courtship, marriage , divorce , child custody battles and amnesia . The show's particular focus on crime was recognized in 1980, when, in honor of its 25 years on the air, The Edge of Night was given a Special Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America . It also must be stated that Edge had stronger and more believable male characters than most soaps, and included genuine humor in its scripts to balance the heaviness of the storylines.
" Contents Of The Incredible 40 Dvd Set Of The Edge Of Night "

1. These episodes are from the run on AOL video
2. Comes on 40 dvds with 5 episodes per dvd . approx 1 hour 30 min per dvd
3. Quality is very nice
4. Edge of Night intro menus and all episodes highlighted
5. Comes on DVD + R discs. Please make sure you can play them
6. No Refunds will be given. Only exchange for defective discs
7. Due to episode unavailibilty, certain episodes are unavailable. Out
of my control.
8. The episodes that are included run from Episode # 6205 - 6378
plus a few select episodes from the lower #'s.
These #s are episode production #s and not made by me.
9. Each dvd will come in white paper sleeves and will be numbered.

10. Most important, please allow me times to makes sets.
At the end of this auction will be a geneal storyline description of the storylines that are conatined on these dvds.. More info is available if you need it. Please email me any questions you may have .. thankyou

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Here are some of the storylines on the dvds
JULY 2-6, 1979:
Margo hired April as her assistant. April discovered Elliot and Sara in bed together and threatened to tell Margo. Elliot fired Sara, promised to be faithful, and convinced April to keep quiet for Margo's sake. Paige's former revolutionary friends fired a shot at her.

JULY 9-13, 1979:
Raven dropped Jamey off with April while cavorting with Elliot. Draper was annoyed over April's willingness to take Jamey. Owen tried to hire Steve as Paige's bodyguard, though Paige insists she's not in any danger. Later, she was nearly killed by another gunshot. Paige secretly met with former gang member Jed, who assured her that their leader Tobias doesn't want to kill her. Tobias later told Jed that they have to get rid off Paige. Nola forced Owen to fire their housekeeper Edith, who caught Nola guzzling more liquor. Raven and Elliot plotted a weekend together with their mates at Palace Park, a couples resort. Calvin followed Paige to the Electric Balloon disco, where a shot rang out.

JULY 16-20, 1979:
Calvin saved Paige from another assassination attempt. The gunman tried to stab Calvin in the back, but was electrocuted to death when the knife struck a transformer. Paige finally realized that she's in serious danger and agreed to have Steve as her bodyguard. Mike turned down a New York job offer, which was then offered to Draper. Elliot and Mickey plotted to get rid of Antoine, who spys on them for Margo. Owen realized that Nola is hitting the bottle again. Miles and Nicole are joining Raven, Logan, Margo and Elliot at Palace Park. Raven plotted to see Elliot on the sly.

JULY 23-27, 1979:
Miles discovered Raven and Logan's affair, while Logan was on the golf course. Nola was jealous of Owen's interest in Deborah. Brian seemed obsessed with Paige, after disapproving of her being escorted everywhere by Steve. Later, Brian gave Paige a less-than-brotherly kiss. Jed tried to shoot Paige, but accidentally shot Calvin instead. Elliot and Mickey set up Antoine to make it appear he's stealing. April and Draper argued about Draper's New York job offer, as April doesn't want to leave Monticello. Nola hired a new maid named Louise, who's keeping an extremely large knife in her dresser.

JULY 30 - AUGUST 3, 1979:
Brian agreed to stay in Monticello for a while longer. Steve noticed Brian's strange reaction when Paige gave Brian a kiss in gratitude. Margo feared that Draper will accept the New York job and take April away from her. Margo urged a New York pal to prevent Draper from getting the job. Owen took Deborah out to dinner. Logan spotted Raven flirting with Elliot. Louise plotted to stab a sleeping Paige.

AUGUST 6-10, 1979:
Louise tried to stab Paige, who shot her. Louise escaped. Geraldine noticed the sparks between Raven and Elliot and warned Raven that any scandal could ruin Logan's political career. Margo succeeded in getting Draper's job offer rescinded.

AUGUST 13-17, 1979:
Mickey recalled substituting Joey's real gun for a toy one, after Steve shot him. Since Joey's death, Steve is gunshy. Raven left Jamey alone in order to meet with Elliot at a motel. A masked man, who turned out to be Tobias, abducted Miles and forced him to treat a wounded Louise. Margo didn't know whether to believe Antoine or Elliot, who framed Antoine for skimming money out of the till. Jed tried to shoot Paige in a parking garage, but Steve returned fire and chased him away.
There are more storylines on these dvds if you need the information