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An Evening with Ed Sanders Plus The Fugs Tribute To Abbie Hoffman!
This item is Direct from Video to DVD as it never received a DVD release until this Splendor of Bohemia pressing.
ARTWORK IN A COLOR JEWELCASE. (If you prefer a copy in the
DVD+R format, kindly advise prior to ordering.)
Ed Sanders: Poet. Studied classical languages at New York
University. Owner of the Peace Eye Bookstore in the Lower
East Side from 1962-1965 & editor of FUCK YOU: A Magazine Of
The Arts. Published, among others, the Beat authors.
From 1965-1969 founder, writer and singer for the rock group The
Fugs. Since then, a freelance writer in Woodstock, New
York. Has written documentary novels about Charles Manson,
The Family (1971) and a biography of the rock group The Eagles
(unpublished). Experimented with electronic instruments in
the 80's. Composed the opera "Star Peace" in 1985. As a
poet, pioneered poetry readings accompanied by music.
Appeared with mini-synthesizers of his own creation such as a
"talking necktie" and "light organ".
* Maximus (from Dogtown I) poetry Charles Olson,
music Sanders (performed solo with dulcimer, St. Marks Poetry
* The Air In The Hawk's Lung Measure Our Life, poetry and
music Ed Sanders, solo vocal, electronic necktie, St. Marks
* Equal To The Gods, poetry Sappho, music Ed Sanders,
arrangement Steven Taylor, Sanders lead vocal; Steven Taylor,
vocal, guitar. Ann Hamson, soprano. St. Marks
* With Fortune And Men's Eyes, poetry William Blake, music
Ed Sanders, performed sold, dulcimer. Town Hall, 1994 NY Beat
* The Great Goethe, poetry Ed Sanders, spoken, solo.
Town Hall 1994
The Fugs Tribute To Abbie Hoffman:
Sunflower, Weary Of Time
Song For Abbie
Protest & Survive (for Tom Payne) Ed Sanders, Tuli
Kupferberg, Steven Taylor (12-string, vocals)
Sung at Abbie Hoffman Memorial, Palladium, NYC 1989
* T