Item Description

Created by Gordon Stevenson (band member of Lydia's Lunch's Teenage Jesus and the Jerks). The film includes acting by Mary Cervenka (sister of Exene Cervenka of the band X) as well Arto Lindsay (from the no wave band DNA). This film really captures the dark and luminous delirium so prevalent during the upheaval of the punk art movement. Unfortunately, Mary died in a car crash in Los Angeles while traveling during the film's original tour. When Gordon Stevenson died a short time later, the film seems to have vanished into the forgotten corners of cultural history. One of the foremost classics of the original new york no wave art-movement of the late 1970's. Ecstatic Stigmatic strats strong and immediately fascinates. Through narration we are introduced to "Little Rose", a young woman who is institutionalized in a mental hospital. we are told she becomes stigmatized because of a "hysterical ailment" and that she was the leader of a blood-letting cult. Then, a new narrator starts talking about Little Rose much less scientifically and much more respectful, almost as if holding a sermon for a saint. All the while, we see Little Rose convulsing on her bed in one of her fits of ecstasy, which are always accompanied by stigmata.

ships in a plain sleeve w/ no artwork