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Set includes approximately 22 DVD-rs, include all full length Eco-Challenge Races, and several Primal Quest races. Unlike other Eco-challenge races that have been sold from time to time, this set includes high quality, full length races. With the exception of Eco-Challenge Utah, which is a copy of a VHS tape, all races have clear audio and video.

If you enjoyed Expedition Extreme, Everest Beyond the Limit or even Survivor, this is where it all started.

1995 Utah
1996 British Columbia
1997 Australia
1998 Morocco
1999 Argentina
2000 Sabah, on the island of Borneo
2001 New Zealand
2001 U.S. Armed Forces Challenge (benefiting TAPS)
2002 Fiji

About Eco-Challenge:

Each Eco-Challenge was broadcast on cable television. The 1995 Utah race was shown as a 45-minute feature , produced by and broadcast on MTV. The 1995 Maine/New England event was broadcast in segments as part of the X-Games broadcast on ESPN but was never released as a commercial broadcast.

Starting in 1996, Eco-Challenge was aired on the Discovery Channel and the production enjoyed a significantly expanded budget. The 1996 British Columbia production, broadcast on the Discovery Channel won an Emmy Award. In 2000, the USA Network agreed to a three-year contract to broadcast the Eco-Challenge. Later that year, the show was nominated for a Prime-Time Emmy Award. USA did not renew the show after the 2002 Fiji race.

Although long out of print, the 1996 through 2001 Eco-Challenge races were released on VHS. The Utah, Maine/New England, and Fiji episodes were never officially released in the United States. Copies of the Utah and Fiji races are occasionally available on auction websites.

In 2011, Burnett sold Expedition Impossible, a reality show with a similar concept to Eco-Challenge, to ABC as a summer series. The new show debuted on June 30 of that year.