Item Description
A Moon, A Girl, A Romance 009 (09-10 1949).cbr
Aces High
Animal Fables
Animated Comics (Winter 1947).cbr
Blackstone Master Magician 003 52p ctc (fiche)(Vital(1946).cbr
Crime Illustrated
Crime Patrol
Crime SuspenStories
Dandy Comics
EC Sampler FCBD ctc (2008).cbr
Fat And Slat
Frontline Combat
Guide to EC Comics (04 August 2006).xls
Gunfighter 010 ctc (08-1949.cbr
How You Can Defend Your Home!-WW2 Air Raid Manual by MC Gaines (Jolaine(04-1941).cbr
I, Rocket (original art from Weird Fantasy 20).cbr
Incredible Science Fiction 30-33 After Weird Science-Fantasy 29
International Comics 001.cbr
Jimmy Swaggart Presents Picture Stories from the Bible ctc Scarf Press(1979).cbr
Land of The Lost, The - Book(i) (All-American Comics-Whittlesey House(1945).cbr
Land of the Lost Comics (1946)
Lucky Fights It Through (R(1977).cbr

MAD Excerpts:
A Kid's Guide to Bullshitting Your Way Through Life the George W. Bush Way.cbr
Batboy & Rubin.cbr
Frank N. Stein.cbr
The Raven.cbr
Sergio Aragones:
Sergio Aragones Destroys DC.cbr
Sergio Aragones Massacres Marvel.cbr
Sergio Aragones Stomps Star Wars.cbr
MAD Magazine 161-UK Edition (09-1975)
MAD Magazine, Big Book of Spy vs. Spy-82p (1982).pdf
Mad Paperback-Mad's Don Martin Forges Ahead ctc (08-1977)

Moon Girl
Moon Girl And The Prince
Moon Girl Fights Crime
Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 30 (EC articles only).cbr
Picture Stories from American History
Picture Stories from Science
Picture Stories from World History 002 (Cover Only)(1947).cbr
Picture Stories from the Bible Complete Life of Christ Edition (TPB) (Missing).jpg
Picture Stories from the Bible Complete Old Testament Edition (TPB) (Missing).jpg
Picture Stories from the Bible-New Testament
Picture Stories from the Bible-Old Testament (DC Editon
Picture Stories from the Bible-The New Testament in Full-color Comic-Strip Form (Scarf Press edition(1980).cbr
Piracy (1954-1955)
Reddy Kilowatt
Saddle Justice 006 ctc (06-1949) cimmerian32.cbr
Shock Illustrated
Shock SuspenStories
Squa Tront
Tales from the Crypt
Tales of Terror Compendium-The EC Companion.cbr
Terror Illustrated
The Crypt of Terror
The Happy Houlihans
The Haunt of Fear (1950-1954)
The Vault of Horror
The Wonders of Wire Rope (EC Giveaway.cbr
Three Dimensional EC Classics
Three Dimensional Tales from the Crypt 002i (Missing ifc, ibc (1954).cbr
Tiny Tot Comics
Two-Fisted Tales
War Against Crime
Weird Fantasy (Fantasy Vertical) 13-15
Weird Fantasy (Science Fiction Vertical) 16-17
Weird Fantasy (Science Vertical (1950-1953) 06-22
Weird Science (Fantasy Vertical (1950-1953) 05-22
Weird Science (Science Vertical) 12-15
Weird Science-Fantasy 23-29 (After Weird S & Weird F 22 (1954-1955)