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Christmas is almost here and Digital Comics make a great gift for the Comics fan.

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I have many more comics than what is listed on Ioffer at this time so please ask about any you would like to see added. I will be adding allot more over the next few weeks so check back often.

I am in the process of organizing a huge collection of Marvel(pre-70's), DC(golden age to current), and a huge collection of Golden age comics from the 30's to the 70's. Also check back after the New Year for a 2013 Update for major comics groups. Also will be updating listings with full list of comics included.

I hope to be your one stop shop for Digital comics so please feel free to ask if i have anything you are looking for and make an offer.
This Collection is for !EC! Comics on 2 DVDs.

Comics readers are included for Windows and Mac.

A Complete Comic/Issue list is coming soon so feel free to ask if certain comics are included.

All my items are replacement for defective only with no refunds.

EC Comics:
Aces High (1-5)
Animal Fables (1-7)
Crime Illustrated (1-2)
Crime Patrol (6 Issues)
Crime Suspenstories (1-27)
Dandy comics (1-7)
Extra (1-5)
Fat and Slat (1-4)
Frontline Combat (1-15)
Land of the Lost Comics (1-10)
MD (1-5)
Moon Girl (2-6)
Moon Girl and the Prince (1 issue)
Moon Girl Fights Crime (7-8)
Panic (1-12)
Picture Stories (13 Issues)
Psychanalysis (1-4)
Reddy Kilowatt (1-3)
The Happy Houlihans (1-2)
Tiny tot Comics (1-10)
Valor (1-5)
War Against Crime (5 Issues)
Impact (1-5)
Incredible Science Fiction (30-33)
Piracy (1-7)
Shock Illustrtated (2 Issues)
Shock Suspenstories (1-18)
Squa Tront (7-8)
Tales from the Crypt (v1 21-43, v2 1-11)
Terror Illustrated (2 issues)
The Crypt of Terror (17-19)
The Haunt of Fear (1-28)
The Vault of Horror (12-40)
3 Dimensional EC Classics (3 Issues)
Two Fisted Tales (18-41)
Wierd Fantasy(Fantasy Vertical) (13-15)
Weird Fantasy(Scicence Fiction Vertical) (16-17)
Weird Fantasy(Science Vertical) (6-22)
Weird Science(Fantasy Vertical) (5-22)
Weird Science(Science Vertical) (12-15)
Weird Science-Fantasy (23-29)
13 Various Issues