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Bolt Crank is a mercenary, but he is not just an ordinary man. He has the ability to eat metal objects and when the need arises, he can produce these items again from his right hand. Bolt is the strong silent type who doesn't say much and prefers to let his actions speak for themselves. Bolt is responsible in hunting down a murderer who is brutally killing scientists one after another. He protects the entire country, and destroy the demon.This special two-disc box set contains all twelve episodes of Eat-Man'98. The series is made up of 12 episodes and 6 stories. Episode 01: Bye Bye Aimie Part I. Episode 02: Bye Bye Aimie Part II. Episode 03: World's Greatest Mercenary.Episode 04: Body Guard. Episode 05: Ambrosian Days I. Episode 06: Ambrosian Days II. Episode 07: Ambrosian Days III. Episode 08: Ambrosian Days IV. Episode 09: Mega Mix I. Episode 10: Mega Mix II. Episode 11: Farcical Dream I. Episode 12: Farcical Dream II.Dialogue : Japanese/EnglishSubtitle : Chinese/EnglishRegion : All Region, Free CodeDisc Type : DVD9x2Screen : 4:3 Letter BoxAudio : Ac3 2.0 ChannelSeries Type : OVASystem : NTSCEpisodes : 1-12 (Completed)Running Time : Approximately 283 mins