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This E-Liquid is compatible
with all types and brands of E-Cigarettes, Cigars and Pipes.
E-Cigs satisfy smoker's cravings by delivering highly purified
nicotine and through the tactile feeling of smoking. It smokes and
tastes like a traditional cigarette, but without the many toxic
carcinogenic substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. The smoke
vapor comes from electronic cigarette is harmless, composed mainly
of propylene glycol (also used as moisturizer in medicine, food and
toothpaste). Electronic cigarette can be legally used anywhere,
places where traditional cigarette is banned for public safety
concerns. Use electronic cigarette also protect your loved ones
from second hand smoking. Electronic cigarette contains purified
nicotine, DO NOT USE if you are: 1.)Under the age of 18.
2.)Pregnant or breast feeding. 3.)Sensitive or allergic to
nicotine. 4.)Advised by your doctor against smoking.