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Brooke Burke is on our radar because of her 3
year stint hosting E! Wild On. Yeah many of us might have seen her
in Playboy, but if you really want to see Brooke at her best you
need to see her travel the globe to the hottest party spots. Now
she is the new female co-host on the hottest show on US Television
"Dancing With the Stars"

Well now you can, I’ve compiled onto a
set of 13, yep 13 DVDs, 39 episodes of Brooke traveling the world.
If you are a fan this is a must have. If you have plans to goto any
of these places, this is good watching for research on where to
stay and play. If you just need to take a vacation, why not let
Brooke be your guide and give you an idea of where to relax
next! These episodes have all the nudity blurred out, sorry but they
are from USA TV, where nudity is a no-no.

Also available are 10 episodes of Cindy Taylor
her replacement hosting the show, available on my store here

The DVDs are mastered beautifully with
motion menus. I have spent a lot of time working on these DVDs. All
the commercials are cut out, there are chapter stops every 10
minutes, so you can easily zoom forward and backward.
I will email front artwork for a slim jewel
case, with a different photo of the lovely Brooke on the Cover and
Episode list printed

The price is only $4 per DVD. That works out
to $1.33 per episode. Also have episodes from Brooke's season
on Dancing with the Stars where she won the mirror ball

Here is the list of the episodes included.
1. Tropical Pleasures
2. The Philippines
3. Bermuda triangle
4. Amazon 2000
5. Party Central 2002
6. The Outback
7. Casablanca
8. West Indies
9. The Beach
10. New York
11. A List
12. Punta del Este
13. Spanish Rivera
14. Resorts
15. New Zealand
16. Wicked Winter
17. Ibiza
18. Beaches : Australia
19. Japan/Rising Sun
20. Jamaica
21. French Rivera
22. The Adriatic/Croatia
23. Greece
24. Baja California
25. Summer Vacation
26. Las Vegas 2002
27. Sin City
28. Hollywood
29. Hawaii Big Island
30. California Coast
31. Italian Isles
32. Washington D.C
33. Denver
34. New Orleans
35. Spain (her first episode)
36. South Africa
37. Women of the World
38. Cyprus
39. Wild Off: Vegas (last episode)
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