Item Description
The Dye UL Ultralite Paintball Pant is true athletic wear for tournament paintball! The Dye UL Ultralite Paintball Pant was built for the true paintball athlete. The player to whom winning is everything, competition is life and need every possible advantage out of their equipment. The Dye UL Pants breaks new ground in design and materials used to provide this player with near weightless yet durable performance wear that will not slow them down on the field. You want more flexibility, more ventilation, and less bulkiness to reach snatch victory on the paintball field. Only Dye Ultralite Pants can provide athletes with all three. Play a tournament with Dye Ultralite pants and watch how much faster you make it to your bunker off the break, notice how much easier it is to stay alive on the field, and stay cooler and perform better when every second counts. Dye UL Ultralite Paintball Pants features:
- Active Performance Fit Start looking like an athlete. The old theory of baggy pants for bounce is out. Paintball gear that makes you smaller on the field is in. Stay alive longer, get to your bunker quicker, and perform better with Dyes Active Performance Fit.
- 4 Way Stretch Technology Realizing the incredibly flexible and durable properties of modern innovative fabrics, Dyes engineers have developed playing gear that can reduce your profile without restricting movement. Fabric that can stretch in all four directions with ease, which means no matter what angle or position you are in you are mobile. Explosive runs between bunkers, transitioning from knee to knee... your clothing won't be tugging back and slowing you down.
- Prevent Breathable Assembly Dye's Prevent Breathable Assembly method maximizes airflow throughout your entire playing gear, keeping air circulating to keep you cool. It is designed to disperse the heat away from all parts of your body. While the Breathable Assembly is keeping you cool it also maintains a barrier between you and the elements.
- Yoke Harness Lock A Hyper Flex harness stabilizing back yoke. This stretches and moves with you to keep your harness right where you want it. Dye UL Ultralite Paintball Pants Sizing Chart:X-Small/ Small: 26-30" Waist 29" Inseam Medium/ Large: 31-35" Waist 30.75" Inseam X-Large/ 2X: 36-44" Waist 32.25" Inseam