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GALAXY CB RADIO NOTE: FCC LISCENSE REQUIRED TO OPERATE ON AMATEUR BANDS.Freq. Range 28.765 - 29.205, CW/FM/AM/SSB Antenna Impendance 50 OHm, Meter #1 RF Output/SWR, Meter #2 Rec. Singal Strength, Mod %, Power Supply AC 120v, 60 Hz, On/Off, SWR/Cal , NB/ANL, RB, Noise Filter, + 10 KHz slide, Channel Display, Fre. Counter, Calibrate Control, Mic. Gain, Echo with time control, Mode selector, Channel Selector, Squelch Control, RF Power Control, Volume Control, Coarse/Fine Control, Phone Jack, LED Mode Indicators, Frequency Tolerance 0.005%, Frequency Stability 0.003% RX/TX LED.