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Paul Is Dead (DVD)

(Germany, 2000)

72 min, Color, 1.66:1, Stereo

This is a german tv-movie.

Now, on to the movie.

"Paul Is Dead" is a coming-of-age tale that revolves uniquely
around the famous fable of Beatle Paul McCartney's death. Although
this rumor took place in the late 60s, the action in this film is
moved forward 11 years to 1980 and a small town in Germany. A young
boy, through an amazing concatenation of events, comes to believe
that Paul is not only dead, but that he was MURDERED by an
Englishman named Billy Shears. And Mr. Shears is right there, in
young Tobias's tiny German hamlet! Tobias becomes a sleuth as he
tries to figure out what is going on. At the same time, he grows
up, passing from the lightheartedness of childhood into the harsh
reality of the adult world. The film is both moving and oddly

This movie is great vor a beatle or mccartney-fan.

This is from german TV. The Picture & sound is very good. The DVD has no copy protection and no country-code. She is in DVD-R format
manufactured from me self, will be shipped in a paper sleeve, no
plastic case, no cover art. Ought normally play almost in all
players or with personal computers.