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Celine Dion (DVD english)
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14 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"CELINE DION-10 YEARS" (Can-tv, concert, June 19/1991, 55
*presented by Ann Murray.
-Love by another name/If love is out the question/Ce
n'était qu'un rêve/D'amour ou d'amitié/Mon ami
m'a quitté/Mélanie/Une colombe/If there was any other
way/I'm calling you/The last to know/Unison/Where does my heart
beat now.
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17 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"OPRAH WINFREY SHOW" (USA-tv, March 25/2003, 42 mins.)
*interview + 2 songs.
*CELINE IN LAS VEGAS" (Can-tv, March 24/2003, 44
*9 songs.
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18 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"JAY LENO SHOW" (USA-tv, April 29/2003, 7 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"RADIO MUSIC AWARDS" (USA-tv, October 27/2003, 10
*Michael Jackson; speech + 1 video (various artists)
"TODAY SHOW" (USA-tv, July 10/2003, 17 mins.)
*interview + 3 songs.
"REGIS & KELLY" (USA-tv, July 11/2003, 14 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"DIVAS DUETS" (USA-tv, 2003, 4 mins.)
*1 song.
"PRIME TIME" (USA-tv, Sept. 23/2003, 12 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"THE WAYNE BRADY SHOW" (USA-tv, Sept. 26/2003, 20
*interview in Las Vegas.
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19 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (USA-tv, 1998, 7 mins.)
*The Celine Dion Show.
"MAGNIFICENTS MOMS" (Can-tv, May 3/1998, 11 mins.)
"ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW" (USA-tv, May 12/1998, 13 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"ESSENCE AWARDS" (USA-tv, 1998, 3 mins.)
*1 song.
"THE DIVA'S" (USA-tv, 1998, 31 mins.)
*Celine Dion; 4 songs.
"IMMORTALITY" (with The Bee Gees, video, 1997)
"E.T." (USA-tv, 2 mins.)
*Celine Dion 1998 Tour.
"E.T." (USA-tv, October 22/1998, 2 mins.)
*Saturday Night Fever.
"JUNO AWARDS" (Can-tv, March 9/1997, 6 mins.)
*Celine Dion; To Love You More.
"ACADEMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, March 29/1997, 8 mins.)
*Celine Dion; I Finally Found Someone/Because You Loved
"ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW" (USA-tv, January 23/1997, 4
*Celine Dion; Seduces Me.
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20 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, March 21/1997, 15 mins.)
"BILLBOARD" (USA-tv, 1997, 5 mins.)
*Celine Dion; All By Myself.
"WORLD MUSIC AWARDS" (USA-tv, 1997, 6 mins.)
*Celine Dion; Because You Loved Me.
"GRAMMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, Feb.26/1997, 5 mins.)
*Celine Dion; All By Myself.
"WORLD MUSIC AWARDS" (USA-tv, 1997, 12 mins.)
*Celine Dion; Call The Man + 3 Grammy's.
"OLYMPIC GAME IN ATLANTA" (USA-tv, July 19/1996, 5
*Celine Dion; The Power The Dream.
"LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE" (Can-tv, 1997, 50 mins.)
*Sonia Benezra talk to Celine Dion.
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21 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, Feb.18/1998, 23 mins.)
*Celine Dion; interview + 3 songs.
(Can-tv, Nov.8/1998, 45 mins.)
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22 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"VICKI SHOW (Can-tv, 1994, 6 mins.)
*interview + 1 Christmas song.
"SPOTLIGHT" (Can-tv, 1994, 26 mins.)
*interview + 6 videos.
"ARSENIO HALL SHOW" (USA-tv, 1992, 14 mins.)
*interview + The Power Of Love/When I Fall In Love.
"MIKE & MATTI" (Can-tv, 1994, 6 mins.)
*interview about her wedding.
"TODAY SHOW" (USA-tv, Nov.17/1998, 8 mins.)
*interview about Titanic.
"DAVID LETTERMAN" (USA-tv, Nov.19/1998, 10 mins.)
*interview + 1 song with Bryan Adams.
"ROSIE O'DONNEL SHOW" (USA-tv, Nov.25/1998, 14 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"ROSIE O'DONNEL SHOW" (USA-tv, 1998, 8 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"BIG BIRD" (USA-tv, 1998, 3 mins.)
*Happy To Meet You.
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23 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"GRAMMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, 1998, 8 mins.)
*My Heart Will Go On.
"CELINE & ANN MURRAY" (USA-tv, 1998, 4 mins.)
*When I Fall In Love.
"THE OSCAR" (USA-tv, 1998, 6 mins.)
*My Heart Will Go On.
"ROSIE O'DONNEL SHOW" (USA-tv, 1998, 13 mins.)
*To Love You More.
"ACADEMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, March 21/1999, 7 mins.)
*The Prayer (with Andrea Bocelli)
"JUNO AWARDS" (Can-tv, March 7/1999, 36 mins.)
*she received 5 Junos.
"ONE NIGHT ONLY" (USA-tv, 1998, 5 mins.)
*Celine & The Bee Gees; Immortality.
"GIFT OF UNICEF" (Can-tv, 1998, 10 mins.)
*My Heart Will Go On/Love Can Move Montains.
"E.T." (USA-tv, March 24/1999, 3 mins.)
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24 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
*Immortality (Celine from Montreal)
"E.T." (USA-tv, April 1999.
2 mins.)
*VH1 Diva's Live.
"SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" (USA-tv, April 1999. 4 mins.)
"DIARY-IT'S HAPPENING" (USA-tv, 1999, 21 mins.)
*videos and interview.
(USA-tv, Sept.1999.
16 mins.)
Nov.1998, 47 mins.)
*Special guests; Rosie O'Donnell & Andrea Bocelli, Celine
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25 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, Nov.17/1999.
44 mins.)
*inteview + medley & That's The Way It Is.
*Celine Dion, N'Sinch & Gloria Estefan.
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26 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"JAY LENO" (USA-tv, Dec.9/1999. 9 mins.)
*interview + All The Way.
"E.T." (USA-tv, April 1999, 2 mins.)
*Celine takes a break.
"BUFFALO NEWS" (USA-tv, Sept.20/1999.
  2 mins.)
*concert review.
"E.T." (USA-tv, March 21/2000. 1 min.)
*she is not pregnant.
"NABISCO'S CHAMPIONSHIP" (USA-tv, 2000, 2 mins.)
*Golf Tournament.
"E.T." (USA-tv, June 4/2000. 1 min.)
*Celine is pregnant.
"ACCESS HOLLYWOOD" (USA-tv, June 15/2000. 3 mins.)
*Celine is pregnant.
"AND SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS" (USA-tv, Dec.6/1999. 44
*Celine Dion, Harry Connick Junior, Gloria estefan &
Ricky Martin.
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27 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"ROSIE O'DONNEL SHOW" (USA-tv, January 23/1997, 43
*interview & Seducese Me.
"OPRAH WINFREY SHOW" (USA-tv, March 21/1997, 44 mins.)
*interview + Because you Loved Me/Fly Fly/Medley.
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28 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"OLYMPIC ATLANTA GAMES" (USA-tv, July 19/1996, 10
*The Power Of The dream + 1 song.
"THE 1996 WORLD MUSIC AWARDS" (USA-tv, 8 mins.)
*Because You Loved Me.
"ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW" (USA-tv, Sept.3/1996, 15 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"JAY LENO" (USA-tv, Dec.6/1996, 9 mins.)
*interview + All By Myself.
"DAVID LETTERMAN" (USA-tv, 1997, 5 mins.)
*1 song.
"WFIVE" (Can-tv, 1997, 13 mins.)
"THE NANNY" (USA-tv, 1997, 30 mins.)
*special guest; Celine Dion.
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29 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"THE VIEW" (USA-tv, April 5/2002, 16 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"A NEW DAY HAS COME" (Can-tv, April 7/2002, 41 mins.)
*Live from Kodak Theatre in Las Vegas.
"BEHIND THE MUSIC" (Can-tv, Feb.2000, 43 mins.)
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30 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, March 25/2002, 43 mins.)
*interview + 4 songs.
"LARRY KING LIVE" (USA-tv, March 26/2002, 44 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"TODAY SHOW" (USA-tv, March 27/2002, 7 mins.)
"E.T." (USA-tv, 2001, 1 min.)
*Celine baby news.
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34 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"SHIRLEY" (Can-tv, 1993, 43 mins.)
*interview + 2 songs.
*Beauty & The Beast (with Peabo Bryson)/Because You Loved
"JAY LENO" (USA-tv, March 1996, 5 mins.)
*Because You Loved Me.
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36 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"DAVID LETTERMAN" (USA-tv, 1996, 4 mins.)
*Because You Loved Me.
"DAVID FOSTER & FRIENDS" (Can-tv, 1994, 17 mins.)
*3 songs.
"AD FOR THE BAY STORES" (Can-tv, 1994)
"AD FOR THE BAY STORES" (Can-tv, 1994, version 2)
"GOOD MORNING AMERICA" (USA-tv, 1995, 7 mins.)
*interview + Pour que tu m'aimes encore (from "The French
"REGIS & KATHIE LEE" (USA-tv, March 13/1996, 10
*interview + Because You Loved Me.
"DAVID LETTERMAN" (USA-tv, April 25/1996, 7 mins.)
*interview + Because You Loved Me.
"PARTY FOR THE PLANET" (USA-tv, July 1996, 13 mins.)
*Because You Loved Me & Fly.
"JAY LENO" (USA-tv, July 15/1996, 6 mins.)
*1 song + short interview.
"BEHIND CLOSED DOORS" (USA-tv, Sept. 1996, 14 mins.)
*On tour with Celine Dion (backstage interview)
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39 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"ROSIE O'DONNELL" (USA-tv, Nov. 18, 1997.
21 mins.)
*interview + My heart will go on.
*2 songs.
"DIARY-CELINE SAYS GOODBYE" (USA-tv, January 2000. 21
*interview + footage.
"TODAY SHOW" (USA-tv, Nov.22, 1997. 17 mins.)
*interview + That's the way it is.
"ROSIE O'DONNELL" (USA-tv, Dec.13, 1999.
10 mins.)
*interview + That's the way it is.
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40 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"SPEAK EASY" (Can-tv, 1998, 50 mins.)
*interview + videos.
"TODAY SHOW" (USA-tv, May 2/2002, 9 mins.)
*interview + A new day has come/That's the way it is.
"JAY LENO" (USA-tv, May 21/2002, 11 mins.)
*interview + At last.
"DAVID LETTERMAN" (USA-tv, June 4/2002.
10 mins.)
*interview + I'm alive.
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41 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"ROCKIN' FOR THE USA" (USA-tv, May 2002, 44 mins.)
*with Marc Anthony, Celine Dion (2 songs), Cuba Gooding Jr,
Clint Black, Jeff Foxworthy, Lovestar, MSM, Jessica Simpson.
"CELINE & RENE AT GRAMMY" (USA-tv, 2002, 5 mins.)
"ACCESS HOLLYWOOD" (USA-tv, March 2002, 1 min.)
*A New Day Has Come album.
"20/20" (USA-tv, February 2002, 20 mins.)
*interview + rare footage.
"REGIS & KELLY" (USA-tv, March 27/2002, 9 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"E.T." (USA-tv, March 27/2002, 3 mins.)
*rape investigation.
"ROSIE O'DONNELL" (USA-tv, May 16/2002, 10 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
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43 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"JAY LENO" (USA-tv, December 4/2004, 5 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"ELLEN DEGENERES" (USA-tv, December 17/2004, 45 mins.)
*interview + 1 song.
"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, October 14/2004, 45 mins.)
*interview + 2 songs.
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44 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"REGIS & KATHIE LEE" (USA-tv, October 18/2004, 9
*interview + Beautiful Boy.
"LARRY KING LIVE" (USA-tv, October 21/2004, 44 mins.)
"WORLD MUSIC AWARDS" (USA-tv, 2004, 8 mins.)
*1 song + she win a "Diamond Award".
"CANADA FOR ASIA" (Can-tv, 2005, 6 mins.)
*1 song from Las Vegas.
"JAY LENO" (USA-tv, December 16/1997, 10 mins.)
*interview + My Heart Will Go On.
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47 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"REGIS & KATHIE LEE" (USA-tv, 1996, 11 mins.)
*interview + Because you loved me.
"ENTERTAINMENT DESK" (Can-tv, 1996, 2 mins.)
*Falling in to you album.
"INFOFAX" (Can-tv, 1996, 30 sec.)
*Falling in to you album.
"INFOFAX" (Can-tv, 1996, 30 sec.)
*Olympic Games.
"VH-1 HONOR" (US-tv, 1997, 7 mins.)
*To love you more (with Trisha Lee)
*When I fall in love (Anne Murray & Celine Dion)
"E.T." (USA-tv, Oct.7/1997, 4 mins.)
*duet with Barbara Streisand.
"PUBLIC EYE" (USA-tv, Oct.22/1997, 10 mins.)
"ROSIE O'DONNELL" (USA-tv, Nov.18/1997, 20 mins.)
*interview + My heart will go on.
"E.T." (USA-tv, Dec.4/1997, 1 min.)
"SMASH HITS WINNER PARTY" (USA-tv, 1997, 4 mins.)
*The reason.
"THE COMBAT DES CLIPS" (Can-tv, 1998, 5 mins.)
*My heart will go on.
"E.T." (USA-tv, Feb.24, 1998, 1 min.)
duet with Barbara Streisand.
"CNN, E.T." (USA-tv, Feb.24, 1998, 2 mins.)
*Barbara Streisand will not perform with Celine.
"MUCH MORE MUSIC" (Can-tv, 1998, 30 sec.)
*Barbara Streisand will not perform with Celine.
"AMERICAN JOURNAL, ETC" (USA-tv, 1998, 5 mins.)
"GRAMMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, 1998, 8 mins.)
*My heart will go on.
"E.T." (USA-tv, March 23/1998, 4 mins.)
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48 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"OSCARS" (USA-tv, March 1998, 19 mins.)
*tv news + My heart will go on.
"TODAY SHOW" (USA-tv, Nov.18/1998, 7 mins.)
"E.T." (USA-yv, January 6/1999, 2 mins.)
*The Divas.
"DAVID LETTERMAN" (USA-tv, Nov.19/1998, 10 mins.)
*Another year goes by (with Bryan Adams) + interview.
"BILLBOARD AWARDS" (USA-tv, 1998, 7 mins.)
*Celine received 6 Awards.
"PAVAROTTI & FRIEND" (Can-tv, 1998, 11 mins.)
*My heart will go on + 1 song with Pavarotti.
"LARRY KING LIVE" (USA-tv, Nov.22/1999, 42 mins.)
"THAT'S THE WAY IT IS" (video, 1999, 4 mins.)
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52 (NTSC, 2 dvd's, quality; 9/10)
"BIOGRAPHY" (USA-tv, May 2005, 120 mins., with ads)
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54 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"COUNTDOWN WITH CELINE" (Can-tv, March 2002, 48 mins.)
*Videos and interviews from various locations.
-Where Does My Heart Beat Now (1990)
-Ziggy (1991)
-Love Can Move Mountain (1992)
-The Power Of Love (1993)
-Because You Loved Me (1996)
-My Heart Will Go On (1997)
-That's The Way It Is (1999)
"MUCH MORE MUSIC LIVE WITH CELINE" (Can-tv, March 28/2002, 48
*from Toronto, interview with Celine Dion.
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55 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, 1997, 3 mins.)
*Celine & René's wedding.
"ROSIE O'DONNELL" (USA-tv, January 23, 1997.
9 mins.)
*interview + Seduces Me.
"E.T." (USA-tv, 1997, 4 mins.)
*about Grammy Awards.
"FAX" (Can-tv, March 1997, 1 min.)
*about Grammt Awards.
"JUNO AWARDS" (Can-tv, March 9, 1997. 22 mins.)
*Femlale vocalist of the year + To Love You More.
"ENTERTAINMENT DESK" (Can-tv, March 10, 1997. 2 mins.)
*about Juno Awards.
"RAPID FAX" (Can-tv, March 10, 1997. 1 min.)
*about Juno Awards.
"THE ACADEMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, March 24, 1997. 9 mins.)
*I Finally Found Someone/Because You Loved Me.
"GOOD MORNING AMERICA" (USA-tv, June 15, 1995. 8
*interview + Pour que tu m'aimes encore.

"E.T." (USA-tv, October 7, 1997. 3 mins.)
*Celine Dion & Barbara Streisand duet.
"BILLBOARD AWARDS" (USA-tv, 1997, 5 mins.)
*That's The Way It Is.
"ACADEMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, March 21, 1999. 4 mins.)
*interview with various artists.
"ACADEMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, March 21, 1999. 2 mins.)
"ACADEMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, March1999. 7 mins.)
*The Prior (with Andrea Boccelli)
"UNICEF" (Can-tv, 1998, 11 mins.)
*My Heart Will Go On/Love Can Move Mountain.
"E.T." (USA-tv, March 1999, 3 mins.)
*Academy Awards: Best and worse dresses.
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56 (NTSC, quality; 10/10)
"IN HER OWN WORDS" (Can-tv, 1998, 52 mins.)
with Sonia Benezra.
*interview and songs.
-Missled/Love Can Move Mountain/Because You Loved Me/To Love
You More/
 Treat Her Like A Lady/Power Of Love.
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57 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"LIVE IN MEMPHIS, USA" (Can-tv, 1997, 92 mins.)
-The Power Of Love/River Deep Mountain High/Seduces Me/All By
Myself/If You Ask Me To/
 Misled/Beauty And The Beast/Listen Up/Pour Que
Tu M'Aimes Encore/J'Irai Où Tu Iras/
 It's All Coming Back/To Love You More/Love Can
Move Mountain/Call The Man/
 Power Of The Dream/Twist & Shout/Because you
Loved Me.
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58 (NTSC, quality; 9.5/10)
"UNISON" (Can-tv, 1991, 48 mins.)
*interview and 7 songs (videos and live)
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59 (NTSC, quality; 9/10)
"THE VIEW FROM LAS VEGAS" (USA-tv, Febuary 2006, 20
*interview + My Heart Will Go On.
"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Febuary 2006, 6 mins.)
*Celine in Las Vegas with Elton John.
"E.T." (USA-tv, Febuary 24, 2006, 3 mins.)
*about Celine in Las Vegas (and Elton John)
"CHRISTMAS SPECIAL" (Can-tv, 1993, 5 mins.)
*1 Christmas song with David Foster.
"ROSIE O'DONNELL" (USA-tv, November 18, 1997. 20
*My Heart Will Go On + interview.
"THE JACKSON REUNION" (USA-tv, 1994, 5 mins.)
*The Power Of Love.
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60 (NTSC, quality; 8.5/10)
-songs and interview.
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70 (NTSC, qulity; 9.5/10)
"CELINE DION-VIDEOS VOL. 1" (french & english)
2-Any other way.
3-Where does my heart beat now.
4-Beauty & the beast (w/Peabo Bryson)
5-Des mots qui sonnent.
6-Je danse dans ma tête.
7-L'amour existe encore.
8-If you asked me to.
9-Nothing broken but my heart.
11-Love can move mountains.
12-Water from the moon.
13-Did you give enough love?
14-The power of love.
16-Think twice.
17-When I fall in love (w/Clive Griffin)
18-Pour que tu m'aimes encore.
19-Je sais pas.
20-It's all coming back to me now.
21-Les derniers seront les premiers (live in Paris,
w/Jean-Jacques Goldman)
22-All by myself.
23-Because you loved me.
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71 (NTSC, qulity; 9.5/10)
"CELINE DION-VIDEOS VOL. 2" (french & english)
1-The last to know.
2-To love you more (live in Paris)
3-Immortality (w/The Bee Gees)
4-Tell him (w/Barbara Streisand)
5-My heart will go on.
6-Zora sourit.
7-On ne change pas.
8-I'm your angel (w/R. Kelly)
9-That's the way it is.
10-I want you to need me.
11-Sous le vent (w/Garou)
12-God bless America.
13-A new day has come.
14-Listen to magic man (1985, from the movie
"Opération beurre de pinottes")
15-Fais ce que tu voudras.
19-Can't live with you, can't leave without you (w/Billy
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Céline Dion (DVD Français)
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1 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"LA FUREUR-SPÉCIAL CÉLINE" (Can-tv, 14 avril
2002, 94 mins.)
*Céline Dion; A new day has come/I'm alive/At
Last/Have you ever…/Ten days/
   Right in front of you.
*Marilou Bourdon; Ce n'était qu'un
*Marc Dupré & Céline Dion; Sous le
*Karine Vanasse; Une colombe.
*Gabrielle Destroismaisons; Incognito.
*Jacynthe; Unison.
*Éric Lapointe; L'amour existe encore.
*Nanette Workman; Faith.
*Isabelle Brossard; Pour que tu m'aimes encore.
*Sylvain Cossette; All by myself.
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2 (2 dvd, NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
(Can-tv, 31 décembre 1999. 153 mins.) Millenium
*Céline Dion/Bryan Adams/Garou/Daniel Lavoie/Luck
Mervil/Bruno Pelletier.
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3 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"NOUVELLES-TVA" (Can-tv, bébé de
Céline, 2001, 3 mins.)
bébé de Céline, 2001, 3 mins.)
"VIVEMENT DIMANCHE" (France-tv, 10 décembre 2000, 85
*animateur; Michel Drucker.
*entrevue réalisé à la
résidence de Céline, en Floride.
*archives rares de Céline et sa famille.
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4 (NTSC, 2 dvd, qualité; 9/10)
"TAPIS ROUGE-CÉLINE DION" (France-tv, 21 nov. 1998,
143 mins.)
*animateur; Michel Drucker.
*invités; Céline Dion/Jean-Jacques
Goldman/Bruno Pelletier/Georges Hébert-Germain/Roch
Voisine/Garou/Pierre Palmade/Anggun/Tina Arena/Gildas
Artel/Jean-Marie Bigard/The Coors/Patrick Fiori/Carole
Fredericks/Michael Jones/Luck Mervil/Laam/Poetic Lover/Muriel
Robin/Émile Wandelmer.
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5 (NTSC, qualité; 10/10)
2002, 97 mins.)
*animateur; Michel Drucker.
*invités; Céline Dion/Garou/Luc
Plamondon/Hugues Aufray/Eddy Marnay/Patrick
Sébastien/Jean-Jacques Goldman/René Angelil/Franco
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6 (NTSC, qualité; 10/10)
2002, 26 mins.)
*animateur; Michel Drucker.
*invités; Céline Dion (entrevue)/Pierre
Benichou/Philippe Geluck/Bruno Masure.
"DUO BENEZRA" (Can-tv, 6 avril 2002, 47 mins.)
"NOUVELLES-TVA" (Can-tv, 27 mars 2002, 4 mins.)
*entrevue à New-York.
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7 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
(France-tv, documentaire, 5 mai 1999, 88 mins.)
*entrevue et images de la tournée.
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8 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
er mai 1998, 13 mins.)
"HOMMAGE À MAURICE RICHARD" (Can-tv, sept. 1998,
"GALA DE L'ADISQ" (Can-tv, nov. 1998, 33 mins.)
*Céline Dion/André-Philippe
Gagnon/René Simard/Jean-Pierre Ferland.
"CANCER-RENÉ ANGELIL" (Can-tv, avril 1999, 2
"LES COULISSES DE L'ADISQ" (Can-tv, 1998, 4 mins.)
"TAPIS ROUGE" (France-tv, 1999, 13 mins.)
*Dany Brillant choisi pour faire la première partie
de Céline au stade de France.
"NOUVELLES-TVA" (Can-tv, sept. 1999, 4 mins.)
*conférence de presse au Centre Molson.
"AMBASSADRICE DE LA PAIX" (Can-tv, 16 décembre 1999,
2 mins.)
"FIBROSE KYSTIQUE" (Can-tv, pub, 1999, 30 sec.)
"HOMMAGE À FÉLIX LECLERC" (Can-tv, 1997, 5
*Céline Dion; Bozo.
décembre 1998, 4mins.)
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9 (NTSC, qualité; 8.5/10)
"CÉLINE DION-10 ANS DÉJÀ" (Can-tv, 19
juin 1991, 92 mins.)
*Live, au Forum de Montréal.
*artiste invité; Breen Leboeuf.
Dans l'ombre/C'est ça l'amour/Ce n'était
qu'un rêve/La voix du bon Dieu/Tellement j'ai d'amour pour
toi/D'amour ou d'amitié/Mon ami m'a
quitté/Mélanie/Les chemins de ma maison/Une
colombe/If there was any other way/I'm calling you/The last to
know/Mes blues passent pu dans porte (avec Breen
Leboeuf)/Unison/Where does my heart beat now.
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10 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"SRC AUJOURD'HUI" (Can-tv, 1991, 7 mins.)
*entrevue pour "L'amour existe encore"
"CONFÉRENCE DE PRESSE" (Can-tv, 30 octobre 1997, 67
*lancement de l'album "Let's Talk About Love"
"MAMY BLUE"(Can-tv, 1984, 3 mins.)
"D'amour ou d'amitié"
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11 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
1998, 43 mins.)
*conférence de presse.
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12 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"L'ENFER C'EST NOUS AUTRES" (Can-tv, entrevue, 1996, 11
"CONFÉRENCE DE PRESSE" (Can-tv, 8 septembre 1999, 60
*Céline Dion & René Angelil au Centre
Molson, à Montréal.
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13 (NTSC, qualité; 10/10)
"VENDREDI, C'EST JULIE" (France-tv, 13 mars 2000, 45
*entrevue en directe de la Floride.
"MICHEL JASMIN" (Can-tv, 8 décembre 2000, 46
*entrevue avec Maman Dion.
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15 (NTSC, qualité; 10/10)
"HOMMAGE À EDDY MARNAY" (Can-tv, 2003, 4
"HOMMAGE À EDDY MARNAY" (Can-tv, 2003, 4 mins.)
*émission "Sucré Salé"
"HOMMAGE À EDDY MARNAY" (Can-tv, 2003, 33
*conférence de presse.
"HOMMAGE À EDDY MARNAY" (Can-tv, 2003, 2 mins.)
*émission "Salut Bonjour"
2003, 10 mins.)
"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, 18 octobre 2004, 12
*publicité pour Air Canada & coulisses de "Regis
& Kelly"
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16 (NTSC, qualité; 10/10)
"MUSICOGRAPHIE" (Can-tv, 2002, 44 mins.)
*entrevue et images en spectacles.
2002, 48 mins.)
*entrevue et 4 chansons en anglais.
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31 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"UN AN AVEC CÉLINE" (Can-tv, 1999, 98
*animatrice; Julie Snyder.
*entrevues et images de sa tournée aux
États-Unis et en Europe.
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32 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"MICHEL JASMIN" (Can-tv, décembre 2004, 35
*invitée; Maman Dion.
"DU QUÉBEC À LAS VEGAS" (Can-tv, 2004, 45
*reportage sur les québécois à Las
*avec Céline Dion, Le Cirque Du Soleil,
André-Philippe Gagnon.
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33 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"EXCLUSIVEMENT CÉLINE" (Can-tv, 17 décembre
2000, 70 mins.)
*animateur; Michel Jasmin.
*Entrevue exclusive avec Céline Dion (enceinte)
& René Angélil en Floride.
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35 (NTSC, qualité; 8.5/10)
"COCA-COLA" (Can-tv, publicité avec Céline,
"AU RYTHME DES AMÉRIQUES" (Can-tv, août 1992,
22 mins.)
*Célébrations du 350
e anniversaire de Montréal (1642-1992)
*Nothing broken but my heart/Le blues du businessman (en
hommage à Michel Berger, décédé deux
semaines avant ce spectacle)/Beauty and the beast (avec Peabo
Bryson)/Love can move montain/Bye bye.
"BON MATIN" (Can-tv, 1994, 6 mins.)
*Le mariage de Céline et René.
"LE MONDE EST À VOUS" (France-tv, 2 juin 1996, 12
*Falling into you/All by myself.
"TÉLÉTHON DU SAGUENAY" (Can-tv, 1997, 7
*Quand on a que l'amour.
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37 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"TARATATA-SPECIAL DUOS" (France-tv, 1996, 66
*Céline Dion & Jean-Jacques Goldman; J'irais
où tu iras.
*Johnny Hallyday & Florent Pagny; Quelque chose de
*Patrick Bruel & Jane Birkin; Les feuilles
*Francis Cabrel & Gypsy King; Je l'aime à mourir
(en espagnol)
*Julian Lennon & Tears for Fears; Stand by me.
*Véronique Sanson & France Gall; La groupie du
*Joe Cocker & Patrick Bruel; Sorry seems to the hardest
*Alain Souchon & Eddy Mitchell; Dans le port de Vera
*Laurent Voulzy; Rockcollection (version de 17
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38 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"L'ENFER C'EST NOUS AUTRES" (Can-tv, 10 mars, 1996. 49
*entrevue au Midem, à Paris.
*avec Céline Dion, Richard Cocciante & Bryan
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> 
42 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"LE POINT J" (Can-tv, novembre 1999, 7 mins.)
*entrevue avec Maman Dion.
"MAMAN DION" (Can-tv, 18 novembre1999, 21 mins.)
*invitée; Céline dion.
"A NEW DAY HAS COME" (Can-tv, mars 2002, 9 mins.)
*lancement de l'album + l'affaire Angelil (Nouvelles
"L'AFFAIRE ANGELIL" (Can-tv, 22 mars 2002, 46
*accusation d'agression sexuel et menaces.
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45 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"LES BEAUX DIMANCHES" (Can-tv, 1995, 49 mins.)
*lancement de l'album "D'Eux"
*entrevue avec Céline et Jean-Jacques Goldman (+
"L'ENFER C'EST NOUS AUTRES" (Can-tv, 1995, 4
*Pour que tu m'aimes encore.
"LE TÉLÉJOURNAL" (Can-tv, 1995, 3
*Céline annule un concert à Paris
(problèmes de voix)
"L'ÉCUYER" (Can-tv, 1995, 12 mins.)
*invité; René Angelil.
"LE TÉLÉJOURNAL" (Can-tv, 1996, 30
*Céline est choisi
  pour chanter aux Olympiques d'Atlanta.
"L'ÉCUYER" (Can-tv, 12 décembre 1996, 12
*invité; René Angelil.
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46 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"TARATATA" (France-tv, 1995, 70 mins.)
*Céline chante des extraits de l'album
*avec Jean-Jacques Goldman.
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49 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"L'ORDRE NATIONAL DU QUÉBEC" (Can-tv, 30 avril 1998,
6 mins.)
"SAMEDI SOIR CHEZ ESTELLE" (France-tv, 1998, 61 mins.,
*Sheila; Les Rois Mages/Samson & Dalila +
*Céline Dion; S'il suffisait d'aimer.
*Teri Moïse; Fais semblant.
*Julien Clerc; Karaba.
*Elie Semoun; sketche.
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50 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"LES VOIX DU QUÉBEC" (Can-tv, novembre 1998, 48
*avec Céline Dion, Bruno pelletier, Marie-Denise
Pelletier, Lara Fabian, Daniel Lavoie, etc.
"ZONE LIBRE" (Can-tv, 1999, 47 mins.)
*Portrait de René Angelil.
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51 (NTSC, 2 dvd, qualité; 9.5/10)
"TOUTE UNE VIE" (Can-tv, décembre 2005, 145
*documentaire et entrevue.
*Animateur; Stéphane Bureau.
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53 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
"GALA DE L'ADISQ" (Can-tv, 3 novembre 1996, 15
*Hommage à René Angelil.
*Céline Dion; Ce n'était qu'un
"TARATATA" (France-tv, 21 novembre 1996, 72 mins.)
*Céline Dion; All By Myself/Les derniers seront les
premiers/River Deep Mountain High.
*Céline Dion & Maurane; Quand on a que
*Céline Dion & Bryan Adams; Everything I Do, I Do
It For You.
*Kevin Parent; Je reviendrais.
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61 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
"VIVEMENT DIMANCHE" (France-tv, 2005, 91 mins.)
*avec Il Divo, Marilou Bourbon, Celine Dion.
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62 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
"JANETTE" (Can-tv, 19 décembre 2005, 68
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> 
63 (NTSC, qualité; 10/10)
"SPÉCIAL-INCOGNITO" (Can-tv, 1987, 56 mins.)
-Incognito/Partout je te vois/Lolita/Délivre-moi/My
Heart Belong To Daddy/
 On traverse un miroir/Jour de
fièvre/Seulement qu'une aventure/Comme un cœur
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64 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"L'ÉCOLE DES FANS" (Can-tv, 11 décembre 2005,
60 mins.)
*Céline chante avec des enfants.
  Elle chante Destin/D'amour ou
d'amitié/Sous le vent/Je ne vous oublie pas.
"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, 2 janvier 2006, 6
*La visite de Céline à L'École Des
Fans (coulisses)
"L'ÉCHANGEUR" (Can-tv, 17 janvier 2006, 29
*entrevue avec René Angelil.
  Il s'entretient avec Stéphane Bureau au
sujet de son amitié brisé avec Guy Cloutier, son
    et la carrière de
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> 
65 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
"STAR ACADÉMIE" (Can-tv, 2005, 20 mins.)
*Hommage à René Angelil.
-avec Garou, Marc Dupré, Marilou Bourbon,
"25 ANS D'AMOUR" (Can-tv, 18 juin 2006, 48 mins.)
*extraits des passages télé de Céline
lors des 25 dernières années.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> 
66 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
"NOUVELLES TVA" (Can-tv, 19 juin 2006, 13 mins.)
*25 ans de carrière.
PASSION" (Can-tv, 19 juin 2006, 47 mins.)
*documentaire sur Céline à Québec.
Archives rares en spectacles.
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67 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
"SUPERSTAR" (Can-tv, 1984, 58 mins.)
*entrevue + Suis-la bien/Tu es là/Mélanie/Un
amour pour moi/Comme on disait avant/
*invités; Eddy Marnay, Michel Drucker, Diane
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> 
68 (NTSC, qualité; 9.5/10)
"LAC DES DAUPHINS, MONTRÉAL" (Can-tv, 30 juillet
1983, 60 mins.)
-entrevue + La voix du bon Dieu/Du soleil au
cœur/Mamy Blue/D'amour ou d'amitié/
 Mon ami m'a quitter/Tellement j'ai d'amour pour
toi (en répétition)/Ce n'était qu'un
 Les chemins de ma maison.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> 
69 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
*spectacle et entrevue à Montréal.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> 
72 (NTSC, qualité; 9/10)
"DION CHANTE PLAMONDON" (Can-tv, 1992, 52 mins.)
*animée par Francis Bay & Sonia Benezra de
Musique-Plus, pour la sortie de l'album.
*Du Métropolis, à Montréal.
*Céline chante;
-Je danse dans ma tête/Les uns contre les autres/Le
fils de Superman/Des mots qui sonnent/
 L'amour existe encore/Oxygène.
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73 (NTSC, qualité; variée)
1-"Joyeux Millions Canada" (Can-tv, 1988)
*Can't We Try (duet with Dan Hill)
2-"Les Démons Du Midi" (Can-tv, décembre
*Ave Maria.
3-"Les Démons Du Midi" (Can-tv, 1987)
*The Way We Were.
4 à 7-"Les Démons Du Midi" (Can-tv, 1988, 24
*sketch + Ton visage/Mes blues passent pu dans porte (avec
Breen Leboeuf)
8-"If Walls Could Talk" (video)
9-"Charity Benefit" (USA-tv, 1992)
*Where Does My Heart Beat Now.
10-"Musica Si" (Spanish-tv, March 2002)
*A New Day Has Come.
11-"Incognito" (Can-tv, 1999)
12-"Commercial-Fybrose Kystique" (Can-tv)
13-"Ad Lib" (Can-tv, 1987)
14-"Wetten Dass" (German-tv)
*My Heart Will Go On.
15-"New Year's Live" (USA-tv, December 31, 2004)
*In Some Small Way.
16-"Jay Leno" (USA-tv, 1992)
*The Power Of Love.
17-"Je reviendrais à Montréal"
*avec Céline Dion, Lara Fabian, Garou, Robert
18-"TOTP" (UK-tv)
*Think Twice.
19-"Parkinson Show" (UK-tv, 2002)
*A New Day Has Come.
20-"Parkinson Show" (UK-tv, 1998)
*My Heart Will Go On.
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74 (NTSC, qualité; variée)
1-Preselection-Eurovision (Swiss-tv, 1988)
*Ne partez pas sans moi.
2-Montréal En Direct (Can-tv, 1987)
*On traverse un miroir.
3-Ne partez pas sans moi (Europe-tv, 1988)
4-Ne partez pas sans moi (France-tv, 1988)
5-Yamaha Song Festival, Tokyo (Japan-tv, 1982)
*Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi.
6-Juno Awards (Can-tv, 1987)
*Have A Heart.
7-Papa Don't Preach (Can-tv, 1987)
8-De Bonne Humeur (Can-tv, 1990)
*Any Other Way.
9-Montréal En Direct (Can-tv, 1987)
*D'abord c'est quoi l'amour.
10-Joyeux Millions Canada (Can-tv, 1988)
*Comme un coeur froid.
11-L'Autobus Du Show Business (Can-tv, 1988)
12-Une colombe (Can-tv, 1984)
*au Stade Olympique.
13-Téléthon (Can-tv, 1987)
Music Medley (Can-tv, 1985)

UPDATE (january 2012)

75 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
1-"DANS MA CAMÉRA" (Can-tv, 2005, 7 mins.)
*La maison de maman Dion.
2-"MAMAN DION" (Can-tv, 2005, 21 mins.)
*invitée; Claudette Dion.
3-"2 FILLES LE MATIN" (Can-tv, 20 décembre 2005, 44 mins.)
*Party de Noël avec la famille Dion.

76 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
"D'ELLES" (Can-tv, 21 mai 2007, 91 mins.)
*Lancement de l'album "D'ELLES"
*invitées; Lise Payette, Janette Bertrand, Denise Bombardier, Marie Laberge, Christine Orban, Nina Bouraoui.
*Céline chante; Et s'il n'en restait qu'une, Je cherche l'ombre, Berceuse, Immensité,
La diva, Le temps qui compte, À cause + entrevue.

77 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
"DEAL OR NO DEAL" (USA-tv, season finale, June 15, 2005, 58 mins.)
-Celine Dion via satellite.

78 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
"ON NE CHANGE PAS" (17 promo videos in french)
-L'amour existe encore, Je danse dans ma tête, Ziggy, Des mots qui sonnent, Lolita, Incognito, Fais ce que tu voudras, Pour que tu m'aimes encore, Je sais pas, Zora sourit, S'il suffisait d'aimer, On ne change pas, Sous le vent (avec Garou), Tout l'or des hommes, Et je t'aime encore, Contre nature, Je ne vous oublie pas.

*BONUS 1 (Concerts et coulisses)
-Tomber, Ten days (Live èa Bercy avec Garou et Gérald de Palmas)
-Les derniers seront les premiers (Live èa Paris avec Jean-Jacques Goldman)
-Quand on n'a que l'amour (Live èa Paris)
-Dans les coulisses du stade de France.
-Dans les coulisses du Live èa Paris.

*BONUS 2 (Dans les coulisses des albums et des clips)
-S'il suffisait d'aimer.
-1 fille et 4 types.
-Contre nature.
-Si Céline m'était contée.

-Je sais pas (version 2)

-Valse d'adieu

-Ma nouvelle France

-galerie de photos.

79 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-The power of love/If you asked me to/Misled/Beauty & the beast/Because you loved me/It's all coming back to me now/Love can move mountain/To love you more/My hear wil go on/I'm your angel/That's the way it is/If walls could talk/The first time ever I saw your face/All the way/Then you look at me/I want you to need me/Live for the one I love.
*BONUS: It's all coming back to me now (Stereo mix, long version)

80 (NTSC, quality; very good)
" 1 FILLE ET 4 TYPES À LAS VEGAS" (Can-tv, October 19, 2003, 62 mins., in french)
-animatrice; Julie Snyder
-documentary with Celine Dion, Henri Salvador, Marie-Élaine Thibert, Garou & Charles Aznavour.
-interview and live songs.

81 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"CLASSÉ CONFIDENTIEL" (France-tv, April 8, 2006, 8 mins.)
*interview from Las Vegas via satellite (in french)
-"SECOND REGARD" (Can-tv, 2005, 21 mins.)
*interview from Las Vegas (in french)
-"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Sept. 9, 2005, 7 mins.)
*Andre Agassi Show (interview in french)
-"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Oct. 16, 2005, 23 mins.)
*interview in Paris, France (in french)
-"LES IDOLES DE NOS IDOLES" (Can-tv, 2005, 15 mins.)
*Marie-Chantal Toupin rencontre Céline à Las Vegas (in french)

82 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"L'ACADÉMIE DE RENÉ ANGELIL" (Can-tv, Oct. 2, 2005, 45 mins.)
*from Las Vegas. René Angelil reçoit les participants de Star Académie (in french)
-"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Oct. 5, 2006, 20 mins.)
*Céline et René reçoivent Georges Thurston à Las Vegas (in french)

83 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
-"E.T." (USA-tv, May 2006, 9 mins.)
*interview from Las Vegas (in english)
-"GOOD MORNING AMERICA" (USA-tv, May 8, 2005, 5 mins.)
*interview (in english)
-"20 TOP DIVINE DIVA" (Can-tv, 2005, 5 mins.)
-"LAS VEGAS LIVE" (Can-tv, 2003, 3 mins.)
-"LA SOIRÉE EXCEPTIONNELLE" (France-tv, 2003, 17 mins.)
*Tout l'or du monde/J'irai où tu iras/ Je t'aime encore/ + interview.
"LES 500 CHORISTES ENSEMBLE" (France-tv, Nov. 5, 2005, 18 mins.)
*Je ne vous oublie pas/Pour que tu m'aimes encore/S'il suffisait d'aimer.

84 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
-"AU NOM DES AUTRES" (France-tv, 2005, 15 mins.)
*Je ne vous oublie pas + interview in french.
-"VIVEMENT DIMANCHE" (France-tv, May 7, 2006, 5 mins.)
*interview in french.
-"GALA ARTIS" (Can-tv, April 30, 2006, 9 mins.)
*Céline Dion & Marc Dupré; Tout près du bonheur.
*Céline Dion; L'amour existe encore.
-"STAR ACADÉMIE" (Can-tv, Oct 2, 2005, 19 mins.)
*Je ne vous oublie pas + interview in french (via satellite from Las Vegas)
-"STAR ACADEMY" (France-tv, Oct 7, 2005, 24 mins.)
*interview in french + Pour que tu m'aimes encore/On ne change pas/Je ne vous oublie pas/Ce n'était qu'un rêve (various artists)

85 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
-"THIS IS CELINE DION" (Can-tv, April 2, 2008, 42 mins.)
-"CÉLINE EN AFRIQUE" (Can-tv, news in french, 2008, 2 mins.)
-"CÉLINE EN AFRIQUE" (Can-tv, news in french, 2008, 2 mins.)
-"CÉLINE A 40 ANS" (Can-tv, news in french, 2008, 3 mins.)
*Party at Intercontinental Hotel in Australia.

86 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
-"TOUS POUR UN" (Can-tv, Oct. 2007, 90 mins.)
*Jeux questionnaire sur Céline Dion (Quiz about Celine Dion)

87 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"LA GRANDE FÊTE DE SAINTE-JUSTINE" (Can-tv, 2007, 31 mins.)
*Céline Dion; S'il suffisat d'aimer/Immensité/Quand on n'a que l'amour.
*Céline Dion & Marc Dupré; Tout près du bonheur.
*Céline Dion, Francis Bernier & Garou; Sous le vent.
*Céline Dion & Claude Dubois; Si Dieu existe.
-"LARRY KING LIVE" (USA-tv, Dec. 21, 2007, 11 mins.)
*The Christmas Song/Taking Chances + interview from Las Vegas.
-"VIVEMENT DIMANCHE" (France-tv, Dec. 23, 2007, 5 mins.)
*Taking Chances.
-"THE EARLY SHOW" (USA-tv, Dec. 25, 2007, 6 mins.)
*The Christmas Song + interview.

88 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
-"LA GRANDE FÊTE DE SAINTE-JUSTINE" (Can-tv, 2007, 66 mins.)
COMPLETE SHOW (various artists)
*Cirque Du Soleil.
*Nikki Yanofsky; I'v Got The Music In Me.
*Marc Dupré & Garou; Voyager vers toi.
*Marie-Chantal Toupin; Naitre.
*Marie-Élaine Thibert; Le ciel est à moi.
*Céline Dion; S'il suffisat d'aimer/Immensité/Quand on n'a que l'amour.
*Céline Dion & Marc Dupré; Tout près du bonheur.
*Céline Dion, Francis Bernier & Garou; Sous le vent.
*Céline Dion & Claude Dubois; Si Dieu existe.

89 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Dec. 6, 2007, 5 mins.)
*last show in Las Vegas (in french)
-"TVA EXTRA" (Can-tv, Dec. 14, 2007, 6 mins.)
*last show in Las Vegas (in french)
-"TVA 22H00" (Can-tv, DEc. 14, 2007, 7 mins.)
*last show in Las Vegas (in french)
-"SALUT BONJOUR" (Can-tv, Dec. 15, 2007, 9 mins.)
*last show in Las Vegas (in french)
-"TVA NOUVELLES" (Can-tv, Dec. 15, 2007, 6 mins.)
* last show in Las Vegas (in french)
-"SALUT BONJOUR" (Can-tv, Dec. 16, 2007, 23 mins.)
* last show in Las Vegas (in french)
-"LES ADIEUX DE CÉLINE À LAS VEGAS" (Can-tv, Dec. 16, 2007, 27 mins.)
*documentary about the last show in Las Vegas (in french)
-"TVA EN DIRECT.COM" (Can-tv, Dec. 17, 2007, 13 mins.)
*last show in Las Vegas (in french)

90 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS" (USA-tv, Nov. 18, 2007, 7 mins.)
*Taking Chances.
-"E.T CANADA" (Can-tv, Nov. 19, 2007, 1 min.)
-"CTV NEWS" (Can-tv, Nov. 20, 2007, 3 mins.)
*Taking Chances Tour in Halifax, Canada.
-"ALL MY CHILDREN" (USA-tv, Nov. 21, 2007, 9 mins.)
*Taking Chances + interview.
-"THE EARLY SHOW" (USA-tv, Nov. 23, 2007, 13 mins.)
*Taking Chances/Because You Loved Me/Alone + interview.
-"THE VIEW" (USA-tv, Nov. 23, 2007, 17 mins.)
*Taking Chances/Alone + interview.
-"DANCING WITHE STARS" (USA-tv, Nov. 27, 2007, 8 mins.)
*My Heart Will Go On/Taking Chances.
-"CHRISTMAS AT ROCKFELLER" (USA-tv, Nov. 28, 2007, 7 mins.)
*The Christmas Song/Alone.

91 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"CELINE-THE MOVIE" (Canada, 2007, 90 mins.)
*in english.

92 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"LA PREMIÈRE DE CÉLINE À MONTRÉAL" (Can-tv, August 2008, 86 mins.)
*first show in Montreal since many times. A lot of interviews (in french)

93 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"GALA DE L'ADISQ" (Can-tv, Nov 2, 2008, 60 mins.)
*hommage à Céline Dion, etc. (+ news in french)
-"SUCRÉ SALÉ" (Can-tv, 2008, 4 mins.)
*invitée; Thérèse Dion (in french)
-"STAR ACADÉMIE" (Can-tv, 2008, 4 mins.)
*René Angelil (in french)
-"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, 2008, 15 mins.)
*interview from Washington (via satellite) and Cherise.

94 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"EXTRA TVA" (Can-tv, March 2007, 3 mins., in french)
*interview with Rene Angelil about documentary.
-"NEWS TVA" (Can-tv, March 2007, 6 mins., in french)
*interview with Rene Angelil about documentary.
-"MOSAÏQUE POUR L'HÔPITAL SAINTE-JUSTINE" (Can-tv, March 2007, 3 mins.)
*in french.
-"CONCERT FOR 400TH ANN. OF QUEBEC CITY" (Can-tv, 2008, in french)
*interview with Celine Dion & Rene Angelil.
-"CONCERT FOR 400TH ANN. OF QUEBEC CITY" (Can-tv, 2008, 1 min., in french)
*interview with Rene Angelil.
-"CONCERT FOR 400TH ANN. OF QUEBEC CITY" (Can-tv, 2008, 2 mins., in french)
*interview with Celine & Rene Angelil.
-"STAR ACADÉMIE" (Can-tv, July 2008, 3 mins., in french)
*interview with Rene Angelil.
-"STAR ACADÉMIE" (Can-tv, July 2008, 3 mins., in french)
*interview with Rene Angelil.
-"SUCRÉ SALÉ" (Can-tv, July 2008, 16 mins., in french)
-"LES 500 CHORISTES ENSEMBLE" (France-tv, 2005, 44 mins.)
*Céline Dion; Pour que tu m'aimes encore/S'il suffisait d'aimer/Je ne vous oublie pas.
*Patrick Fiori, Daniel Lavoie & Garou; Belle.
*Isabelle Boulay & Serge Lama; D'aventure en aventure.
*Natasha St-Pier; Vivre ou survivre.
*Céline Dion & Johnny Hallyday; L'envie.
*Garou; Le monde est stone.
*Julie Zenatti; All By Myself.
*Daniel Lavoie; Ils s'aiment.
*Les 500 Choristes; I Will Survive.

95 (NTSC, quality; good to very good)
-"DANS LA MIRE.COM" (Can-tv, Sept. 2002, 25 mins.)
*parodie de la chanson "I'm Alive" (in french)
-"NOUVELLES TVA" (Can-tv, Sept. 2002, 2 mins.)
*parodie de la chanson "I'm Alive" (in french)
-"NOUVELLES TVA" (Can-tv, Sept. 2002, 3 mins.)
*parodie de la chanson "I'm Alive" (in french)
-"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Feb. 15, 2007, 8 mins.)
*interview with Marc Dupré, Céline Dion & René Angelil (in french)
-"NEWS" (Can-tv, May 2007, 36 mins.)
*album "D'elles" (in french)
-"GALA ADISQ" (Can-tv, 1990, 5 mins.)
*Céline refuse son trophée (in french)
-"GALA ADISQ" (Can-tv, Nov. 5, 1995, 8 mins.)
*Pour que tu m'aimes encore, from Paris.
-"CHRISTIANE CHARETTE" (Can-tv, Nov. 1, 2000, 13 mins.)
*about Celine's biography (in french)
-"AMERICAN IDOL" (USA-tv, 2007, 4 mins.)
*Celine & Elvis; If I Can't Dream.
-"LARRY KING LIVE 50TH " (USA-tv, 2007, 4 mins.)
*interview with Celine from Las Vegas.
-"SUCRÉ SALÉ" (Can-tv, 2007, 4 mins.)
*interview from Las Vegas (in french)
-"SUCRÉ SALÉ" (Can-tv, 2007, 4 mins.)
*album "D'Elles"

96 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"TÉLÉTHON" (Can-tv, June 2007, 2 mins.)
*Céline; speech in french.
-"DUO DUBOIS" (Can-tv, June 2007, 3 mins.)
*interview + footage in studio (in french)
-"ENJEUX" (Can-tv, Nov. 29, 2006, 45 mins.)
*documentary in french.
-"FREQUEN STAR" (France-tv, 1998, 37 mins.)
*documentary in french with rare footage.

97 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"LE BANQUIER" (Can-tv, Sept 23, 2007, 65 mins.)
*animatrice; Céline Dion (french version of "Deal Or No Deal")
-"TOUS POUR LA MUSIQUE" (France-tv, 2008, 7 mins.)
*France Gall & Céline Dion; Ziggy + interview in french.
-"CÉLINE EN AFRIQUE" (Can-tv, Feb. 2008, 28 mins.)
*For "Taking Chances Tour" in Africa. News in french.
-"EXTRA SAINTE-JUSTINE HOSPITAL" (Can-tv, Aug. 2007, 2 mins.)
*News in french.

98 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Nov. 8, 2007, 8 mins.)
*The World Music Awards. Interview in french.
-"TVA EN DIRECT.COM" (Can-tv, Nov. 13, 2007, 37 mins.)
*Taking Chances Tour. (in french)
-"STAR SYSTÈME" (Can-tv, Nov. 22, 2007, 21 mins.)
*Spécial Céline Dion (in french)
-"TVA EXTRA" (Can-tv, 2007, 3 mins.)
-"TVA NOUVELLES" (Can-tv, 2007, 1 min.)
*5e spectacles de Céline à Montréal (in french)

99 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW" (USA-tv, Feb. 24, 1999, 2 mins.)
*Rosie visits Celine and René.
-"GRAMMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, Feb. 24, 1999, 13 mins.)
*Celine & Andrea Bocelli; The Prayer.
-"OPRAH WINFREY" (USA-tv, Jan. 2000, 2 mins.)
*about second wedding.
-"GRAMMY AWARDS" (USA-tv, 2004, 5 mins.)
*Dance With My Father.
-"JERRY LEWIS TELETHON" (USA-tv, Sept. 4, 2006, 8 mins.)
*Summertime + interview.
-"LARRY KING LIVE" (USA-tv, Sept. 3, 2005, 8 mins.)
*For Katrina Hurricane. Interview. (Celine Dion; "TAKE A KAYAK!!!)
-"LE SYMPHONIC SHOW" (France-tv, 2005, 14 mins.)
*Le blues du business man/Je ne vous oublie pas/I Believe In You/I Surrender.
-"HIT MACHINE" (France-tv, Oct 15, 2005, 8 mins.)
*Je ne vous oublie pas + interview in french.
-"HIT MACHINE" (France-tv, April 1, 2006, 4 mins.)
*Tous les secrets.
-"CARRAMBA CHE FORTUNA" (Italian-tv, 1999, 10 mins.)
*interview + That's The Way It Is.
-"FANTASTICO" (Italian-tv, 1997, 6 mins.)
*The Reason + interview.
-"SUPER DAVE OZBORNE SHOW" (Can-tv, 1991, 6 mins.)
*Were's Does My Heart Beat Now.
-"OPRAH BIRTH BASH" (USA-tv, Jan. 29, 2004, 1 min.)
-"OPRAH DAY LUNCH" (USA-tv, Jan. 29, 2004, 1 min.)
-"BILLBOARD" (USA-tv, 2003, 3 mins.)
*she's presented Hip Hop artist of the year.
-"WOMAN ROCK CONCERT" (USA-tv, 1997, 6 mins.)
*My Heart Will Go On.
"OPRAH" (USA-tv, 2002, 6 mins.)
*If I Could.

100 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"STASERA PAGO" (Italian-tv, 2002, 17 mins.)
*My Heart Will Go On/A New Day + interview.
-"LA SOIRÉE CÉLINE DION" (France-tv, March 30, 2002,
*1 song.
-"9 MUSIC VIDEOS" (33 mins.)
*Tous les secrets/Asterix (english)/Falling Into You/I Drove All Night/l'm Alive/Live/One Heart/You And I/ Have You Ever Been In Love.
-"VH1 DIVA'S LIVE" (USA-tv, May 23, 2002, 15 mins.)
*Celine Dion & Anastasia; You Shook Me All Night Long.
*Celine Dion; I'm Alive/A New Day Has Come/Falling In Love With You.
-"GOODBYE'S THE SADDESS WORD" (music video, 2002, 4 mins.)
-"OSCAR-RECOGNITION TO ENNIO MORRICONE" (USA-tv, Feb. 25, 2007, 13 mins.)
*Celine Dion; I Knew I Loved You.
-"I'M YOUR ANGEL" (music video, 1998, 6 mins.)
*with R. Kelly.

101 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"TODAY SHOW" (USA-tv, Nov. 14, 2007, 16 mins.)
*I Drove All Night/Taking Chances/Alone + interview.
-"DRIVEN" (Can-tv, 2002, 43 mins.)
*Documentary about Celine (in english)

102 (NTSC, quality; very good)
-"ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW" (USA-tv, Nov. 14, 2007, 14 mins.)
*Taking Chances/Because You Love Me + interview.
-"OPRAH" (USA-tv, Nov. 12. 2007, 41 mins.)
*A New Day/I Drove All Night/Because You Love Me/My Heart Will Go On/Taking Chances/Alone + interview.
-"HELP FALLING IN LOVE" (from Las Vegas, Sept. 2007, 4 mins.)
-"THAT'S JUST THE WOMAN IN ME" (USA_tv, Feb. 15, 2008, 41 mins.)
*CBS Special concert.