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Premium Quality High Durability
3 Liter Flattening Hydration Water
Container Bag Bladder for Outdoor Activities like Camping, Traveling, Hiking, Mountaineering, Backpacking, etc.
Product Features:
3L water bag ·
Used for water supplying for outdoor activities, such as hiking,
climbing etc. ·
Made of durable, non-toxic plastic materials ·
Can be flattened and rolled for easy storage and carriage ·
107cm long water tube/ pipe for great convenience ·
Holes on top for water flowing out of the water tap
automatically ·
Stores cold & warm water up to 50℃ (122℉) ·
A must have item for hikers, campers, backpackers, bushwalkers,
war gamers and fishing lovers ·
Never bothered by water storage during outdoor activities any
longer ·
Used together with water bag backpack ·
Capacity: 3L ·
Size of bag: 454 x 164mm ·
Tube length: 107cm
Package Contents:
1 x 3L Water Bag