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Dragonball Z is one of the most popular anime shows ever in Japan. The original series Dragonball, based on the manga by the same name by Toriyama Akira, which started up about 10 years ago and began by telling the story of an incredibly strong boy and his quest for 7 magic balls which when collected, would call for a dragon that could grant one wish. At first it was an adventure-type show with a little bit of martial arts. After some time, the main hero of the series grew up and after 153 episodes and the show's name was changed to Dragonball Z (still based on the manga, although the name of the manga didn't change) becoming then more martial-arts oriented. Dialogue : Japanese Subtitle : Chinese/English/Off Region : All Region, Free Code Disc Type : DVD9x5 Screen : 4:3 Audio : Ac3, 2.0 Series Type : TV Series, Part 3 System : NTSC Episodes : 151-225 Running Time : Approximately 75x25 mins