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Condition Mint, and Unplayed
Type Limited &Amp; Unlimited, Promos, Ht Foils, and &Amp; Redemption Exclusives
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Item Description
Up for Offer is a set of 24
Rare DBZ CCG Cards! Included in this set are the 9 DBZ
CCG Hi-Tech Foil Cards: Android 16 Level 1 & 2, Android 17
Level 1 & 2, Android 18 Level 1 & 2, Cell Level 2, Krillin
Level 2, and Tien Level 1.
These HT Foil Cards were exclusively available through a
wrapper redemption, so they are extremely hard to find and not many
were produced!
These cards enabled players to have HT Foil
alternatives for levels of these characters that were Not Available
in Starter Decks (in example, Android 18 came with a HT Foil Level
3 card in her starter deck for Cell Saga, so she never got a Level
1 or 2 HT Foil because her character was not featured in previous
saga starters).
These are the Limited Edition Versions of the cards, and
they are in Mint, Unplayed Condition! Also
included are the DBZ CCG Level 1 Hi-Tech Foil Cards: Goku, Gohan,
Piccolo, Vegeta, Raditz, Krillin, and Nappa. This is a
Complete Set of the Hi-Tech foil cards that were originally
included in the Starter Decks of the Saiyan Saga (the very first
release of the Dragonball Z CCG!). These are all in
Mint, Unplayed Condition! And you will also get 8 DBZ CCG
Redemption-Exclusive Promo Cards: Goku's Energy Clash, Majin
Babidi's Magic, Master Roshi's Makeshift Background, Save!,
Releasing Untapped Potential, Gohan's Hidden Power, Total Defense
Drill, and Black Misguiding Punch. These are the Limited
Edition Versions of the cards, and they are in Mint, Unplayed
Condition! That's a total of 24 Cards!
The photo included is an Actual Photo of the items you will
receive! Low Offer Price! Please email me if you
have any questions!
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Check out these Awesome Personality Powers of the
Redemption-Exclusive HT Foils:
Cell HT Level 2 ~ "CONSTANT COMBAT POWER: Whenever your
opponent uses a power or effect that lets him draw one or more
cards, draw one card."
Android 18 HT Level 1 ~ "Choose an Ally in play. Your
opponent cannot redirect damage to that Ally and the Ally cannot
take over Combat. If you have "The Car" in play, you can
choose up to 2 Allies instead of 1."
Android 18 HT Level 2 ~ "Physical attack doing +5 power
stages of damage. If "The Car" is in play, you may use this
power TWICE per Combat."
Android 17 HT Level 1 ~ "Search your Life Deck or discard
pile for "The Car" and place it into play."
Android 17 HT Level 2 ~ "Energy Attack doing +3 life cards
of damage if "The Car" is in play."
Android 16 HT Level 1 ~ "CONSTANT COMBAT POWER: During your
turn, if you skip the Combat Step, during your Rejuvenation Step
lower your opponent's anger 2 levels."
Android 16 HT Level 2 ~ "CONSTANT COMBAT POWER:
Whenever your opponent stops one of your physical attacks, lower
his Main Personality 2 power stages."
Tien HT Level 1 ~ "Physical attack. Your opponent
skips his next Attacker Attacks phase. During your next
Attacker Attacks phase, perform another physical attack."
Krillin HT Level 2 ~ "Energy attack. You can use this
power TWICE per combat."

Here are the Card-Powers of the Redemption-Exclusive Promo
Black Misguiding Punch - Physical attack doing +3 power
stages of damage. For the remainder of Combat or until your
opponent plays 'Black Misguiding Punch' (whichever happens first),
when your opponent searches a Life Deck or discard pile for a card,
you may search and choose the cards instead of your
Majin Babidi's Magic - Majin Babidi only. Discard an
Ally in play. That Ally's controller discards the top 5 cards
of his Life Deck. Draw a card. Remove from the game
after use.
Total Defense Drill - During Combat, you may discard a card
from your hand to stop a non-focused attack. For the
remainder of Combat, you must pass during every phase of
Master Roshi's Makeshift Background - Search your Life Deck
for a Battleground or Location that is not in play and place it in
play. When Combat ends, shuffle that Background or Location
back into your Life Deck. This effect does not remove any
Battleground or Location in play.
Goku's Energy Clash - Stops an energy attack. You
must discard an energy combat card from your hand to use this
card. You and your opponent reveal the top 3 cards of your
Life Decks. The player who reveals the lowest amount of
Energy Combat cards discards the top 4 cards of his Life
Deck. No one discards if a tie occurs.
Save! - Use when your opponent is about to discard any of
your Allies. Choose one of your Allies that is about to be
discarded. The chosen Ally is not discarded.
Gohan's Hidden Power - For the remainder of Combat, you may
discard Life Cards instead of paying power stages for game
effects. Lower your opponent's anger 2 levels.
Releasing Untapped Potential - You may put any cards in
your discard pile into your Sensei Deck. This power cannot
raise your Sensei Deck above it's maximum deck size. Your
Main Personality gains 5 power stages.