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You may have seen Dr. Paul Dobransky on David DeAngelo's On Being a Man, and Deep Inner Game programs, where he talks about "inner game" and about being a man, and what does it mean. He is a psychologist and he is also in the "community" so he understands mostly whats going on, and what problems guys face. This his very own program about what defines a man, how to be a man, and it touches a lot of issues men have in general from a psychologist point of view, some may be really deep.
The NEW Mature Masculine Power 3.0 version is finally available!
I stepped back. Waaaay back and thought about all-new models of psychology for this one, then I STARTED FROM SCRATCH in designing it.
It’s inexpensive, it is the latest of the latest in my overall strategies and tactics of BEING A MAN, and will be material you can IMMEDIATELY go out and use in your life.
In this program, you will learn:
* How to precisely discover your mission in life as a man
* How to “decode” feminine instincts, with skills and traits of what I call the “Masculine Power-Instincts” which work for you on women and work like the tools of a superhero’s toolbelt
* Solve all problems of the workplace and making your way in the world, using a simple set of “Reptilian Brained Circuits”
* EVOLVE RAPIDLY – from “boy thinking” you don’t even know you are doing, to “MAN thinking” that gets you all the rewards you’ve been after
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