Item Description
Sparkly genuine Swarovski Rhinestones crystal from Hailan Group,diamond case,hard back case

Item No.: HLIP400104

How often do you carry your phone?
How often do you make phone calls?
How often do you browse internet?
How often do you text message?
Everyday Everytime RIGHT?

You will see the beautiful sparkles whenever you do these activities, and you get tons of compliments!!

If you keep your iphone for next 2 years its like paying only $3 per month and you can enjoy this absolutely gorgeous phone cover for a long time.
Think how much you make others much compliment you will get....

This product is perfect for a present who loves bling!

Featuring about 1000 genuine Swaroski Crystals on the iphone 4 case with beautiful design, this brand new iphone case is the necessity that you don't want to leave behind!
All crystals are 100% genuine from Swarovski with fabulous qualitythat makes your iPhone 4 blinging when you hold it in your hands.

Swarovski Crystal
We work exclusively with Swarovski crystal - considered by those in the know to be the finest quality, full-lead crystal made today. Each crystal contains a minimum of 32%PbO, making it optically very pure. The crystals are also faceted with tremendous precision, creating beautiful prisms. Brilliant colours and/or coatings are added to these crystals to create pendants, stones and beads of dazzling beauty and tremendous variety. Swarovski Crystal is unmatched in quality and distinction.

Each crystal is individually hand-set by one of our designers to make a truly unique product.

In case they fall off or break, you can either quickly repair them by yourself with extra crystals we include.