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We are offering a very high quality domeless titanium nail to each of the winners of this auction. These style domeless Titanium nails come in 15mm only at this time. (We will have more of the larger 18mm pictured in stock again in September). These are 100% grade 2 domeless titanium nails- with less than 0.45% chemical contaminants (specific composition below, beware of sellers that don't include this info). High quality nail for permanent satisfaction
100% Grade 2 Titanium
14.5 mm
Very low chemical compositio
Domeless Titanium nails are far better than glass nails for your vaporizing needs. Glass nails can shatter, titanium nails last forever. Titanium has very few impurities, thus you are getting pure vapor every time. Titanium evenly heats and holds the heat long enough to get more than one dab. No glass dome means no grabbing the dome after torching the nail to put it on before you vape. This means no more juggling the dabber, torch, WP, dome, etc. Just heat the domeless ti nail and dab. Much quicker, easier and no worry about dropping/breaking the glass vapor dome (by you or your friends that may not be as careful!). These titanium domeless nails come in two sizes 14.5mm and 18.8mm. They fit snugly on the end of a mail GOG adapter. There is an outer titanium tube that fits over the adapter and smaller diameter inner tube that create a snug, air tight fit. Wow, nice nail!

Grade 2 certified Titanium
Weight 20.8 grams (14.5mm)
Tensile Strength - 385
Yield Strength - 320
Chemical Composition Fe 0.17C 0.05N 0.01H 0.01O 0.19Total

Compare to Dab Essentials - Virtually the same nail, but at $179! These are great nails and worth double the price. We purchase in quantity and try to turn over fast instead of gouging a single customer here and there.

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