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~ Candles ~ Candy ~ Chocolates ~ Ice ~Plaster Paris ~Soap ~ Wax

~ Lollipops ~ Resin ~ Cake Toppers ~ Crayons ~ Game Pieces

~ Beads ~ Pendants ~Buttons ~ Magnets ~ Ornaments ~ Zipper Pulls

~ Fan Pulls ~ Embellishments ~ Home Decor ~ and More

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Product Details

Condition: Brand New
Size: Finished piece is about 1'' inch tall
Internal Cavity - 1-6 mm deep 
Material - Flexible Silicone Mold
Shipping: free shipping is only available within the USA

This auction is for  1 flexible handmade silicone mold made from silicone putty.   They are very detailed molds which are perfect for candies, resin, plaster, wax, etc. to embellish a craft project.  
** Do Not Use the same mold for foods and crafts 

*** The detail is as shown in the picture

The auction is only for the mold which makes the item shown in the above picture.
 Please look at the ad below for more information about our molds as well as examples of
what the molds will look like.

How to Use
(for most Plaster Paris, Soaps, Candy, Chocolates, Resin, Lollipops)
1.  Place the silicone mold in a bowl of rice (level the mold)
2. Pour the prepared liquid in the molds (prepared liquid= melted soap, mixed plaster,  cooked candy, etc.)
3. Let cool/solidify (Option- place in the refrigerator)
4. Remove the item from the mold
Can I bake with this mold?
   Molds can be baked up to 350 degrees F .
How do I Clean the Molds ?
    Molds can be cleaned with soapy water.
Are the Molds Reusable?
   It depends on what material you are using.  Yes it is reusableformost items such as plaster paris, candy, resin, soaps, and more.
Do I need a release agent?
     It depends on what material you are using. No you do not need a release agent for most items.
     Combine shipping- please send me a request total before the items are paid for.
Return policy
   All sales are final!!!!   No returns unless the wrong itemwasshipped.  No refunds unless the item was lost in the mail and thereisno proof of shipping (exp. signature confirmation,deliveryconfirmation, etc.).  Contact must be made withing 48 hoursofreceiving the item/s in the mail.  Replacement of an item is attheseller's discretion.

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