Item Description
*ITEM:  DOD FX 17 Wah Volume Controller Pedal Unused In Box*MANUFACTURER:  DOD*MODEL:  FX-17*YEAR:  Around 1996. Discontinued*MEASURES:  Approx. 6 1/4" x  3 1/4" x  2"*CONDITION:  This pedal is unused in its original box. Pedal was Tested. Power was hooked up to this foot pedal unit and unit tested well. The volume "On" button was pushed and the volume went up and down as the pedal was rocked producing the Wah sound. The volume button was turned "Off" and only the wah noise affect was heard when the pedal was rocked.*Power cord is not included. 9V battery can be used and must be purchase separetely.*REVIEW:  DOD's unique and welcome voice in the crowded world of wah-wah. Although this has been discontinued for some time, it still remains a favorite for players looking for something outside of the standard Crybaby or Vox barriers. Soundwise, the FX-17 comes of very slick and smooth compared to the squawk and honk of your typical wah. It may comes of as being a little timid or reserved but if injected with a a healthy jolt of fuzz or distortion this thing comes alive. It's doesn't have an ounce of vintage vibe and is probably better suited for a more steamlined and modern sound ala Steve Vai or Satriani. For those without fast fingers, this wah work very well in a textural enviroment for adding tonal shifts and gentle sweeps. The compact nature of the pedal makes it very responsive and the pedal throw is well tuned for both wah and volume.*A picture that can be magnified to full screen will be sent upon request.*Buyer is responsible for any maintenance or repairs needed if any. Tone changes were heard clear enough but I am no sound expert so I will "Not" guarantee sound quality. I will only guarantee that when this item is put into the box and shipped to the buyer it worked and produced decent sound.*This item will be sold "as-is" in used condition. No warranties or guarantees come with the purchase of this item.*Buyer is responsible for making sure all is correct with the item and the item will suit the buyers needs and expectations before purchase. Buyer is responsible for making sure purchase of this item is not a mistake.*Items sold are inspected and photographed at different angles before being boxed up and shipped to the buyer. Any attempts to return broken items in exchange for what's been shipped to the buyer, make the purchase and exchange parts that are needed then send unit back for a refund, extort partial refunds or get a refund due to a mistake made by the buyer in the purchase of the item will be reported immediately.****SHIPPING DETAILS*Please email me your zip code to get the exact shipping charge before purchasing. The fixed price shipping charge given is for the longest shipping distance in the U.S.The shipping weight will be 4 1/2 lb and .75 cents for delivery confirmation. Shipping insurance is added into the shipping charge. A handling fee is charged to cover the time and any expenses associated with the packing and shipping of packages. Anything left is put towards the selling fee's.SORRY, NO LOCAL PICKUPS*Please email me your zip code to get the exact shipping charge before purchasing. The fixed price shipping charge given is for the longest shipping distance in the U.S.*All packages will be shipped USPS parcel post unless arrangements are made prior to the purchaseInsured4.8P697B43111IMG4411,12,13