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Doctor Doctor may well be the funniest medical TV comedy sitcom ever! If you have enjoyed shows like Becker and Scrubs or the classic British Doctor series perhaps you should take a look at this award-winning hilarious TV series. If you remember watching this show during it’s all too brief showing in the early 1990’s will love to watch it again.

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Doctor Doctor (1989 TV series)


Doctor Doctor is an American television sitcom that aired on CBS. It began a short run in June 1989, and was picked up for a full season the following fall. A second season followed in fall 1990 , but the show was cancelled at the end of the 1990-1991 season, due to low ratings. One episode remains unaired.       The show features Matt Frewer as a doctor who belongs to the practice Northeast Medical Partners with three other doctors in Providence, Rhode Island. Most of the comedy surrounds Dr. Stratford's zany antics, tempered by his obvious commitment to his profession and his patients. Though at first serving as "straight men" for Frewer's manic style of comic acting, the other characters gained more depth as the series progressed, sometimes focusing on issues such as AIDS, breast cancer, and homophobia.    

Cast and characters


Mike Stratford (Matt Frewer): General practitioner, novelist, and TV medical expert, Mike is devoted to his patients, sometimes offering his services for free, much to the consternation of his partners in the practice. His many responsibilities sometimes tend to play havoc with his love life, as is exemplified in the pilot episode where his unhappy girlfriend has to resort to making a doctor's appointment to see him. The least willing to "maximize the practice," as Grant once suggested, Mike's greatest ambition is to be like Marcus Welby, M.D. .   

Abraham Butterfield ( Julius J. Carry III ): Mike's best friend and medical partner, an uptight, ambitious African-American who is anxious to have the “perfect life,” leading him to become at times overly controlling with his wife and son. Though at times exasperated by Mike's endless pranks and off-the-wall comments, Abe is usually the first to go out on a limb for his friend.   

Grant Linowitz (Beau Gravitte): Accomplished, ambitious heart surgeon and the medical partner with whom Mike initially disagrees with the most, Grant is at times egocentric, vain and shallow with a taste for the finer things in life, though these qualities are later downplayed somewhat as the series progressed. He becomes a good friend of Mike’s brother Richard.   

Deirdre Bennett (Maureen Mueller): The medical partner who comes off as aloof, or as she puts it, “a complete bitch,” and is not above exploiting a situation for her own benefit. However, she is very protective of her patients and her partners, especially Mike. Deirdre also has a weakness for the wrong men, like her married lover Steve. At one point, prior to current events in the show, she had one tryst with Mike.   

Richard Stratford (Tony Carreiro): Mike's brother, and an English professor ("I'm an Associate Professor at a liberal arts college - they pay me in brie"), he shares a house with Mike. Having come out as gay, Richard maintains a close relationship with his brother, though Mike can't resist a good-natured jibe or two at his brother's expense.   

Leona Linowitz ( Anne Ramsay ): Psychologist and Grant's sister, Leona appears in the final season when she moves to Rhode Island with her daughter after her ex-husband writes a hit play which features a character based on her known only as "The Domineering Bitch"   

Elizabeth McQueen ( Jane Brucker ): Mike's sometime girlfriend, and television producer of "Wake Up Providence," Elizabeth tries to keep the show together as Mike presents one wacky medical segment after another. She leaves for New York after the episode, “Bachelor Doctor.”   

Nurse Faye Barylski (Audrie J. Neenan): Oversexed head nurse at the practice; Faye is nonplussed by Mike's jokes and strange antics, and has a fondness for The Grateful Dead and bikers like her boyfriend Dana.  

Recurring characters

Hugh Persons ( Brian George ): Host of Wake Up Providence, a snobby blowhard and know-it-all, Hugh has a tendency to critique plays and novels without having any exposure to the material. He’s constantly at odds with Mike during his segments, as it sometimes leads to on-air humiliation. It is later revealed that he is gay and HIV-positive, and he subsequently becomes a patient of Deirdre’s.   

Pia Bismark (Sarah Abrell): Alternate host of Wake Up Providence, though at times frazzled by Mike’s stunts, Pia is far more congenial and easygoing.   

Dr. Harold Stratford ( Dakin Matthews ): Father to Mike and Richard, husband to Connie, Harold is a stuffy, well-established heart surgeon who disapproves of Mike's choice to be a general practitioner of medicine, as well as Richard's sexual orientation.   

Connie Stratford ( Inga Swenson ): Mother to Mike and Richard, wife to Harold, an excellent nurse, Connie longs to return to her profession, even to the point where she works briefly with Mike as his nurse. Unfazed by Mike's goofy nature, she usually responds in kind, and is far more accepting of her son Richard being gay.