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DMC Library
Hardanger Embroideries
1st Series

Editions Th. de Dillmont
Mulhouse (France)

This is a PDF Digital Reproduction of the first in a series of pattern books, known as the DMC Library, with 58 pages. Hardanger is a region of Norway where this form of embroidery originated. Stitches are worked in a pattern and the centre portion of fabric is cut away. It is usually worked with white thread on white fabric. Special Hardanger canvas can be used, or linen.

"The Hardanger embroideries are mostly worked in white on white; the patterns re formed almost entirely of more or less elaborate openwork; they are completed by little secondary motifs, worked in close or raised embroidery."

The first chapter in this book, entitled "Instructions for working" explains materials used, basic rules for this type of embroidery and pictures plus explanations for the different stitches and motifs used in the patterns throughout the book. This is designed as a series of templates for those experienced in hardanger embroidery.

This chapter is followed by 9 chapters, each with a full-page picture of the completed items plus enlargements of the detailing of the patterns plus instructions for completion.

* Six dessert d'oyleys (doilies) and Small finger-napkin
* Four tray-cloths, Dresser-cloth and Lambrequin (valance) for shelf
* Border, Chamber-towel, Dresser-cloth
* Two square cushions for sofas, Three long cushions for the backs of chair
* Four templates which can be used for "the ornamentation of sundry objects"
* Small finger napkin
* Lambrequin (valance) for window and Table-centre
* Two chair-backs for arm-chairs
* Bed-spread

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