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Alexander's Legacy

Alexander the Great's heritage is extensive. Alexander's successors and their monarchies extended the influence of Greece, its language, culture, and government for more than 300 years. This is called the Hellenist Period. New cities enhanced trade, commerce, government, and education of the post-Alexander Greek world. Wikipedia notes, ?[While] Athens retained the seat of higher education. Alexandria was arguably was the second most important center of learning. . . The island of Rhodes boasted a famous finishing school for politics and diplomacy. . . Pergamon became a major [literary] center. . . Antioch became a new metropolis and center of learning; Selucia replaced Babylon as a metropolis of the lower Tigris.?

Alexander's Empire

Upon his death in June 323 B.C., Alexander the Great gave each of his four closest companions a portion of his empire. The following show the territories; recipients; and early coins issued by the new rulers.

Territorial Dominions ? The Kingdom of Macedonia and Greece Recipient - Kassander (319 to 297 B.C.); Alexander's general received his leader's kingdom. Coin ? Silver tetradrachm of Alexander the Great. During Alexander rule, he claimed patrimonial descent of Hercules. On his coins, Alexander portrayed himself as young Hercules. Kassander continue to issue the coins of his predecessor. Obverse: Alexander portrayed as young Hercules facing right clad in lions skin. Reverse: Zeus enthroned left holding eagle and scepter. Sear: 6712.

Territorial Dominions - The Kingdom of Trace and most of Asia Minor Recipient - Lysmachos (323 to 281 B.C.); bodyguard and confident to Alexander Early Coin - Silver tetradrachm of Lysmachos Obverse:the head of Alexander wearing the Egyptian horn of Ammon. Reverse: shows Athena enthroned left holding Nike and resting left with arm on shield with spear resting against her. Sear: 6813.

Territorial Dominions ? The Ptolomeic Kingdom of Egypt, Palestine, Cilicia, Petra.Recipient - Ptolomy I, Soter (302 to 283 B.C.) a former general of Alexander. Early Coin - Silver tetradrachm of Ptolomy I. Obverse: Head of Alexander facing right with horn of Ammon clad in elephant skin with aegis. Reverse: shows Athena advancing right hold shield and spear. Sear: 7747.

Territorial Dominions - Seleucid Kingdom including rest of Asia, Syria, Babylon, Persia, and India

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