Item Description

The Dixie Cups - Iko Iko

Marginal Records label

Silver compact disc factory pressing

26 Tracks:

 1)  Gee The Moon is Shining Bright

 2)  Girls Can Tell

 3)  Chapel of Love

 4)  Gee Baby Gee

 5)  Iko Iko

 6)  All Grown Up

 7)  Another Boy Like Mine

 8)  Little Bell

 9)  People Say

10)  Ain't That Nice

11)  Wrong Direction

12)  Thank You Mama, Thank You Papa

13)  You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked at Me

14)  True True Love (No True Love)

15)  I'm Gonna Get You Yet

16)  What Goes Up Must Come Down

17)  Two-Way-Poc-Away

18)  That's Where It's At

19)  Sugar That I Need

20)  I'm Not The Kind of Girl (To Marry)

21)  I've Got To Get That Boy

22)  Danny Boy

23)  Chances Are

24)  Here It Comes Again

25)  I'll Never Let The Well Run Dry

26)  Promises Promises