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Jack Langedijk
as Joseph Brant, a Mohawk Indian chief who fought for the
British during the American Revolution and had to decide either to
side with the British or the Americans and this eventually led to
the birth of Canada as a nation even though this divided his
people, the Six Nations.
Docu-drama and action, this movie was one of the most expensive
Canadian produced tv movies for 1989. Beautiful costumes and
design. Earned tv movie awards nominations for Best Lead
actor (Langedijk) and Best Photography and won for category in Best
Star studded cast includes

Chris Wiggins
(Friday the 13th The Series) as Sir William Johnston,

Alan Scarfe
as George Washington, and

Tantoo Cardinal
as Molly Brant, and

Paul Gross
(Due South).
VHS transfer to DVDr (Region1) with VERY GOOD audio and video
quality. Running time of approximately 1 hour 42 minutes.

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