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26 New Urban Style Backgrounds

(very popular with seniors!)

Plus 30 New Borders and Frames on one DVD!


This new set of  "Urban"  style digital backdrops includes scenes from the locations we shoot at every day. These are all very popular looks for senior portraits. In fact, these are by far the most popular scenes we use. These are great for adding your own effects with Photoshop, or use them just as they are. For high school seniors, you can add the senior's name and class year to the backdrops very easily with photoshop or your other image editing program.  There are many varied textures represented in these scenes as well. 

Royalty Free!  These may be used for backdrops for your own subjects and may be sold, so long as they are used as a backdrop for another subject,  or for background textures such as for a menu or program item.

We always strive to produce the best quality possible in our products. These images are all 300 ppi at 8x10 inches. These are all uncompressed .tif images and at 2400 x 3000 pixels they are about 24 megabytes each.



       Digital Photo Portrait Borders!

Add these borders to your photographs for an entirely unique look that your customers will love! These borders are great for photo composites as well as advertisements! Each border is 8x10 inches at 300 dpi.




Purchase this now and receive this page of 25 senior and year font layers, at no extra charge!

Each layer is a different font, and style! While some of the font layers have been rasterized to preserve the font type, any layer with the "year" has not been, therefore you can easily update them year after year. The possibilities are endless! Add them to your senior portraits to help create a memory that will last a lifetime!






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