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Differin Gel %0.1 adapalene 30 g
How to use differin gel
Differin gel is a prescribed medication which should be used according to the physician descriptions. Differin gel under normal occasions should be applied once every day just before retiring to bed. However, the application may vary depending on whether or not a user will have skin irritation upon application and the form of differin being used. Differin exists in three different preparations which are 0.3% gel, 0.1% gel and 0.1% cream.
In case the dosage is increased with the hope of fastening results, you may end up with severe side effects and therefore, prescription should be observed strictly. Before using differin gel ensure your hands and the area you are to apply the gel on is clean and dry. The application should cover all the acne affected area with a thin layer of the gel avoiding the areas around lips, eyes and any other mucous membranes.
The first few days of usage may make your acne worse, but this is normal. However, you should consider consulting your doctor if you have severe skin irritation. Differin have been proven to be very harmful to unborn babies and therefore pregnant women, nursing mothers and those who are planning to get pregnant while using differin gel should first consult with their doctors before starting the use of differin gel or any other form of differin. Other users are also advised to stop the use of any products with spices, lime, alcohol, astringents and any other skin product that can cause skin irritation like hair removers, waxes, hair coloring, skin cleansers when using differin. You are also advised to stay clear of direct exposure to sunlight and any other artificial source of UV rays like tanning beds. Do not use differin gel or any other form of differin if you are allergic to adapalene
Differin side effects
The first month of differin gel usage you may get side effects that may include scaly, dry or red skin. Sometimes your skin may have a stinging or burning feeling. This is normal but you should consider consulting the doctor if these gets severe. Other mild side effects of using differin gel include warmth, skin irritation, redness, itchiness, stinging and tingling. Severe side effects like allergic reaction which can be in form of swelling of the throat, tongue, face or lips, difficulty in breathing or hives should be reported to a doctor immediately.
It is important to remember that the use of differin gel does not guarantee immediate results and sometimes it may take a number of weeks or months before you start seeing positive results. It should also be known that during the first few days or weeks of usage, your acne may worsen.

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