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"Disaffected, effeminate young dropout Birdie Hilltop (renowned graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo) shoplifts from a Tokyo bookstore and is caught by an aggressively flirtatious girl posing as a store clerk. After he confesses that stealing is the way he gets his rocks off, the two embark on an increasingly perverse affair. Dedicated to Jean Genet (as its title nods), Oshima's deliriously horny celebration of youth revolts - sexual and political - is his most Godardian film in its patchwork shape and self-reflexive technique (sudden shocks of color stock, jump cuts and clipped sound, flashes of pop icons like Henry Miller and Muhammad Ali). Half in the bag, the cast debates the definition of sex, and an aging therapist directs the new couple to strip naked to better open their hearts - all demanding that we fight the system by f*cking as much as possible."

in japanese with english subtitles

NTSC region free

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