Item Description
Brand name Blaze Glass detachable Bong 5mm thick comes with beaker bottom(blue) which has a optional carb hole on the side(grey rubber plug). Has a 29mm to 18mm downstem with 12 holes in it. Name brand 18mm slide. An 11 arm tree perc with ice catcher(top section) stands about 26in when attached to bottom, and a Freezable Coil Condenser which stands about 18in when attached.
Comes with all clips(metal and plastic)
Name brand Weed Star Ash Catcher 18mm to 18mm joint with name brand slide. It has a repaired 18mm to 14mm 5arm downstem in it which has some cracks still(it does the job). You can also buy any 5in 18mm downstem and it'll do the job.
Brand name 14mm to 14mm Pyrex inline ash catcher
Glass Heat Rod with stand
14mm ice pinch Carbon Filter with bag of carbon
Its just an awesome piece to own and there is very little drag especially with the carb hole which i always use
E-mail me if you want more pics
Im asking $750 for the whole set
Might negotiate over separate pieces
All items sold as glass art regardless of any and all incidental functions.
pipes are for novelty purposes only.
We do not want to encourage you to have a smoking habit.
Smoking is bad for your health.

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