Item Description
Led by intrepid world-adventurer Josh Gates, each episode of Destination Truth takes viewers on a trek across the globe as Josh investigates stories of the unexplained. Accompanied by his small crew, Josh dives into the local cultures and searches for clues to the existence of strange creatures and paranormal phenomena.

The complete out of print 42 series episodes never released to DVD of season 2,3 and 4 of Destination Truth.
*Comes with DVD case and DVD case artwork*

* The 42 uncut series episodes are on 9 DVD disks
* Video quality is an Excellant 9.5 out of 10 quality -see screencap pictures-
* The series episodes are uncut and commerical free with no logo's and in chronological order
*Each disk has an Episode selection sub menu and Play All functions.
* DVDs are Region Free in standard TV widescreen aspect ratio that will play on most any DVD player,X-Box or PS2 worldwide.
*Comes with DVD case and DVD case artwork*
DVD's are in NTSC(North American) standard
-check your dvd players compatibility before ordering-
No returns accepted.
Defective disks will be replaced at no charge.
Each disk comes in an individual paper sleeve
*Please Note* This items are NOT regular studio release of
dvds. Each DVD and menu has been made by myself and the video has been re-mastered to dvd in the highest quality
1:The Yeti
2:Haunted Island/Death Worm
3:Wild Man/Swamp Dinosaur
4:Sea Monster/Bat Demon
5:Flying Dinosaur/Sloth Monster
6:Giant Anaconda
7:Yowie/Haunted Mosque
8:Orang Pendek/Worm Monster
9:Haunted Cave/Burrunjor
10:Ahool/Pinatubo Monster
11:Haunted Forest/Aswang
12:Issie/Icelandic Elves
13:Ninki Nanka/Kikiyaon

1:Haunted Forest/Alux
2:Island of the Dolls/Lusca
3:King Tut's Curse/Swamp Ape
4:Ghosts of Chernobyl/ Sal'awa
5:Alien Mummies/Van Lake Monster
6:Chullachaqui/Bermuda Triangle
7:Haunted Lost City/Thunderbird
8:Werewolf/Arica Monster
9:Bhutan Yeti
10:Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun
11:Ghosts of the Great Wall/Israeli Mermaid
12:The Jersey Devil/The Yeren
13:Haunted Mining Town/The Taniwha
14:Ghosts of Petra/The Lizard Man
15:Spirits Of Easter Island/The Moa

1:Poltergeists of Pompeii/ Nandi Beast
2:Spirits Of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster
3:Ghosts Of Haboro/Mngwa
4:Ghost Fleet/Japanese River Monster
5:Siberian Snowman
6:Ghosts Of Menengai Crater/Kalanoro
7:Haunted Island Ruins/Moroccan Succubus
8:Guam Zombies/Fangalobolo
9:Haunted Island Prison/Ucumar
10:Sandstorm Spirits/Cerro Azul Monster
11:Jungle Temple Ghosts/Namibian Night Stalker
12:Thai Tree People/Ayia Napa Monster
13:Ghosts Of Antarctica
14:Live From Ireland: The Search For The Banshee Ghost