Item Description
Seriously obscure Spanish horror starring the wonderful Nadiuska. Presented fullscreen and in English audio. A very rare film indeed, never before viewed in English language This rarely seen and surprisingly obscure Spanish horror flick tells the story of Maria, a mysterious woman,who is suspected by local people of being a witch. Maria has left the company of men and women,and now lives in a lonely mountain-top cabin with her supposed father named Gabriel. One of the main characters, Roger, falls in love with her. Unfortunately bad things happen: windows shatter, pots fall from shelves, burning wood turns cool and ineffective.Roger hypnotizes Maria to solve the mystery of her unwanted supernatural powers. It seems that Maria is possessed by the spirit of the princess of Montezuma. A superb piece of Euro trash 70's Spanish Cinema. PRINT IS TRANSFERED ONTO NEW, PROFESSIONAL MAXELL DVD-R.  THE DISC COMES WITHOUT ARTWORK, HOWEVER ON REQUEST, A HIGH RES 300 DPI SCAN OF THE ARTWORK CAN BE E-MAILED TO CUSTOMER. Will play on any DVD recorder / player manufactured since 2000. Free worldwide shipping included .