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Note : Pictures shown with demo lenses but you will receive the frames mounted with progressive multifocal reading lenses of your strength.These are not ready to use reading glasses.We too k rx frames & put rx lenses of your strength.
Benefits of PQ(Prescription Quality) Readers over Normal Reading Glasses
P rescription lenses are made optically perfect with no distortions, waves or bubbles in the lenses. If you examine a pair of Ready to Use Readers of low quality, the lenses may have some unwanted defects.Ready to use readers are made of acrylic plastic which is not made to be on your eyes & same acrylic plastic also used in buckets,mugs etc.

The frame in this glasses are extremely light weighted,comfortable & durable.
Distance vision in this progressive lenses is non prescription & near vision is strength you pick.
Progressives have no dividing lines like bifocal & covers distance,intermediate & near.
It takes some time to suit as per your eyes & It may take 1 day or 1 month depends upon adaptive capacity of one's eyes.There are very few people who becomes never comfortable to progressives.So once the item is sold no guarantee for this thing.Only guarantee for we will provide 100% accurate lenses of your strength.

Progressive lenses also provide a more natural correction of presbyopia than bifocal or trifocal prescription eyeglasses. Instead of providing just two or three lens powers like bifocals or trifocals, progressive lenses are true "multifocal" lenses that provide a seamless progression of many lens powers for all viewing distances.Progressive lenses have no dividing lines as they are in bifocals or trifocals.

With progressive lenses, you can look up to see clearly across the room and in the distance. You can also look ahead to view your computer in the intermediate zone and drop your gaze downward to read and do fine work comfortably.

And it's easy to adapt to progressive lenses.

And progressive lenses eliminate an annoying problem caused by bifocal and trifocal lenses known as "image jump." With conventional bifocals and trifocals, images seem to "jump" as your eyes move past the sharply defined boundary between the distance and near parts of the lens. With progressive lenses, the transition between lens powers within the lens is smooth and seamless, letting you change focus from distance to near and back again more comfortably.

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