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Item Description
Capacity: 25 Rounds
Velocity (Approx): 394 FPS (POWER!!)
Condition: Brand New
Scale: 1:1 (Full Size)
Ammo: .20g, .25g, .28g
Competition Grade Product
Metal Slide
30 Day Warranty
CYBER GUN Officially Licensed Product
Weight: 2.4 Pounds
Sequential Serial Numbers
Rail Frame For Tactical Options
Full/Semi Automatic
Opening Breach Way
Metal Gas Magazine
Working Safety

Desert Eagle .50AE Full Auto CO2 Blowback Pistol
Metal CO2 Magazine
Protective Gun Retail Box
Complete Product Instructions
30 Day Warranty

Functionally, the Desert Eagle feels more like a rifle than a pistol, with its rotating bolt resembling an M16. The benefit of its gas-operation is that it allows for the use of far more powerful cartridges compared to traditional designs.

This Officially Licensed Desert Eagle .50AE gun is designed perfectly down to the last detail. This .50AE feels exactly like the real one when holding it. The gun construction is unbreakable with every detail worked out to the bone. The blowback action is very smooth and does not redirect your shots at all! The grip has that classic oversized magnificent hold. Each CO2 cartridge will last about 15 magazine loads. The magazine works just like the real thing, just press the release button and she slides right out. This powerful hand gun is best with a .20g BB which can be bought from our website. This is a training and competition level airsoft pistol that simulates real gun's firing action. The accuracy combined with the overall punch it packs impressed our testers the most