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Models For Adults And Children
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Dental Teeth Orthodontic Appliance Trainer Alignment

- Made of high quality silicone material
- Dimensions: 1.65 in x 2.48 in x 1.02 in (4.2 cm x 6.3 cm x 2.6 cm)
- Weight: 0.28 oz (8 g)

Brand new and high quality.
American Dental deza developed this orthodntic appliance features are combined with the human study, a muliti-function appliance into one, simple, practical, effective treatment of a new type of orthodontice equipment.
Applicable to young children in upper and lower teeth are crowded, open jaw, jaw deep overbite, maxillary protrusion, the ususl broad lips, providing item with early treatment program, And to improve facial shape guide to promote the normal development of jaw.
Functions: the idea dental arch track ,moderate force.
Afterburning bow lips, tongue to avoid acting on the teeth jaw betweenthe mistake caused by the tongue induced device, limiting tongue ptotrusion and tongue profile, neutral spaoes jaw position devece. Materials must be used with flexibility(there is a good memory function), similar to nickel-titanium wire and the role of role of arch wires, Orthodontics can be used as a late addition to maintain Used (remove the brackets for later use).
Usage :wear during the day and four hours sleep wear ,day wear time is devided into 4 paragraphs, each one hour, at every half an hour before the requirements of prtients with teech and one minute, then relax one minute at each of the latter half of hour requirement inpatients with occlusal gently ,so always keep in touch on the lower lip. relax while studying at correction.
Have teeth in the use of use of pre-acid, saliva and more normal situation, with the wearing this apppliance extand the time, the symptoms gradually disappear.

Package Included:
1 X Tooth Orthodontic Appliance

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