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At Delcam CRISPIN we pride ourselves in producing powerful yet easy-to-use software solutions for the footwear industry. Whether you are a designer looking for 3D digital footwear creation, a pattern cutter looking to save time and costs whilst increasing productivity, or a retail brand striving to improve the quality and reduce time to market of your footwear products, we have solutions that will meet your demands.

Delcam’s History

In 1965 Donald Welbourn, Director in Industrial Co-operation at Cambridge University, had the vision to see the possibility of using computers to assist pattern makers to solve the problems of modeling difficult 3D shapes.

Today we take for granted 3D modeling, in 1965 only crude 2D drawing systems were available using terminals linked to large main frame computers.

Initial work was sponsored by the Science Research Council but finding money to support the development was a constant problem for Donald Welbourn. In 1973 Donald persuaded his friend Lord Caldecote, then chairman of the Delta Metal Group and an ex-Cambridge engineer, to send Delta graduate engineer Ed Lambourne to work on the development of DUCT at Cambridge University Engineering Department, ultimately leading to transferal of the system into industry. In 1974 Donald also obtained sponsorship from Control Data in Europe in the form of access to their powerful time-sharing computing resources. Control Data offered DUCT initially on its time-sharing bureau service, especially to two of its largest German customers Volkswagen and Daimler Benz.......

Take a look at the overview below to learn more about our current range of Footwear Solutions software.

- ShoeMaker
Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker allows you to greate a 3D model of a shoe. The base version allows the upper to be modelled and displayed with an imported sole. The Pro version also provides full modelling and grading of soles.
- SoleEngineer
SoleEngineer is an easy to use and simple to learn engineering and modelling solution for the creation of footwear sole units and moulds.
- LastMaker
LastMaker is a computer-aided 3D engineering and modelling solution for creating new design lasts for machining (turning) or for use with 3D footwear designing.
- Engineer Pro
Engineer Pro is our core product and provides the user with a powerful yet easy to use tool for producing samples, or graded pattern sets for tooling and manufacture.

More info:

In 2011 Delcam Crispin included:

Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2011 R2 SP1 CR 11.3.01 (ShoeMaker & SoleEngineer)
Delcam Crispin LastMaker 2011 R1 SP0 CR 11.1.0
Delcam Crispin Engineer Pro 2011 R1 SP3 CR 3.2.3

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