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Storytellers is a television music series produced by the VH1 network.In each episode artists perform in front of a (mostly small and intimate) live audience, and tell stories about their music, writing experiences and memories, somewhat similar to MTV Unplugged . The show started in 1996 with a broadcast of Ray Davies , during his "Storyteller" tour, and took its name from this first show.Over 80 episodes have aired, and many of the performances have been kept  from been commercialy available :(   Here's your chance to watch and own  Death Cab for Cutie Episode or your favorite Band/Artist,Taken srtraigt from Palladia HD via DVR to DVD., e/a dvd-r is sent on a protective sleeve envelope and shipped free within the US (Only 1.95 for International orders)   List of artists who have performed on VH1 Storytellers & are available through my store except where is noted ( in red)Episode Name Date 01Ray Davies 1996-02-2002Jackson Browne 1996-04-1803Elvis Costello 1996-05-2904Sting 1996-07-1505The Black Crowes 1996-08-2706Melissa Etheridge 1996-09-1307Lyle Lovett 1996-10-2108Garth Brooks 1996-10-2009Bee Gees 1996-11-2510James Taylor 1997-03-2611Phil Collins 1997-04-1412 Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash1997-05-1213John Fogerty 1997-06-0614 Counting Crows 1997-08-1215Billy Joel 1997-09-0116Elton John 1997-09-1917Paul Simon 1997-10-2018Sarah McLachlan with Paula Cole1998-01-2919Shawn Colvin 1998-03-2720Rod Stewart 1998-04-2821 Culture Club 1998-05-0222Bonnie Raitt 1998-05-1223 Ringo Starr 1998-05-1324Stevie Nicks 1998-08-1825Sheryl Crow 1998-08-2026 Natalie Merchant   (Not Available)1998-09-14 27John Mellencamp 1998-10-0128 Meat Loaf 1998-10-0529R.E.M. 1998-10-2330Tori Amos 1998-10-2431 Tony Bennett and Backstreet Boys 1998-10-25 32Dave Matthews Featuring Tim Reynolds1999-03-2433Tom Petty 1999-03-3134Tom Waits 1999-04-0135Jewel 1999-06-0936The Pretenders 1999-06-2537Def Leppard 1999-07-2638Alanis Morissette 1999-07-2639Lenny Kravitz 1999-08-2240 David Bowie 1999-08-2341 Wyclef Jean And Friends (Not Available)1999-09-07 42Eurythmics 1999-08-2843Steely Dan 2000-02-0144Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 2000-02-1845 Don Henley   (Not Available)2000-02-19 46Stone Temple Pilots 2000-03-0847Duran Duran 2000-06-2548No Doubt 2000-08-1049Smashing Pumpkins 2000-08-2450Bon Jovi 2000-09-2251A tribute to The Doors2000-09-2652Matchbox Twenty 2001-02-0953Billy Idol 2001-04-1954Electric Light Orchestra 2001-04-2055Train & Fuel2001-06-1756Goo Goo Dolls 2002-04-1257Robert Plant 2002-07-1458 Travis   (Not Available)2003 59Coldplay 200560Green Day 2005-06-0561Dave Matthews Band 200562Bruce Springsteen 2005-04-2363Pearl Jam 2006-07-0164Dixie Chicks 2006-10-2865Jay-Z 2007-11-0866Mary J. Blige 2008-02-2567Kid Rock 2008-11-2768 Kanye West 2009-02-2869Hanson  (Low Resolution Dubbed)200970Pete Townshend 200971Foo Fighters 200972ZZ Top 2009 73John Mayer 2009-12-1074 Christina Aguilera 2010-05-0575Kings of Leon 2011-05-1376Cee-Lo Green 2011-05-2077Death Cab for Cutie 2011-05-2778My Morning Jacket 2011-06-0379Ray LaMontagne 2011-06-1080Maxwell 2011-06-17