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Here is the 3 movie trilogy DEAR RUTH-1947, DEAR WIFE-1949
and DEAR BRAT-1951 on dvd-r. William Holden and Joan Caulfield
starred in the first two with Edward Arnold, Mona Freeman and Billy
DeWolfe in support, Holden and Caulfield bowed out of the final film
but the rest of the cast returned. Picture quality is 7/7.5 of 10 for the first film and 8 of 10 on the final two. Get all 3 titles for $13 ppd. or
they can be purchased seperately for $4.50 + 2.00 postage. If you
only want one or two titles either make an offer or ask for one.
Dvd-rs come in paper sleeves. Check or money order only (no