Item Description
Ein toter Taucher
nimmt kein Gold
Directed by
Harald Reinl and Jürgen Roland
Horst Janson, Hans Hass Jr., Marius Weyers, Monika
Lundi, Sandra Prinsloo, and Gert Hoffmann
     A trio of tourists arrange
to meet one of their uncles to get information about an Aztec
sunken treasure of insurmountable wealth.  When they arrive at
the uncle's apartment they find him bleeding to death, but he
manages to divulge the location of the secret map before his
demise.  The killer is still in the apartment though and
instead of killing the group, he somehow arranges for himself to be
the captain of the boat they hire to go find the
     After getting some dive
training in, the group set off and find the site of the treasure
which is teeming with deadly sea life, including a fearsome
octopus, creepy eels, a hammerhead shark and more. It isn't only
the creatures of the sea that the treasure hunters need to worry
about though as a local gangster has been following them, waiting
for the loot to be pulled up to claim for himself.
     Made the year before
Steven Spielbergs's Jaws, this rare German production is more of an
action adventure than killer creature feature. Cinematography by
the prolific veteran Franz X. Lederle borders on brilliant, giving
the locations a tropical brilliance with superb underwater
photography as well.
English audio soundtrack, small non-removable
Japanese subtitles.
DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable
world wide.
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