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Architect Walter Craig is summoned to a house called
Pilgrims Farm by a prospective client he does not know. Immediately
upon arriving at the home he suffers from deja vu believing he has
been at this home before. His host soon introduces him to a group
of people in the home. These individuals also feel familiar to him
though none of them seem to recognize ever meeting him. After
subdued conversation with those in attendance in the house, Walter
declares that he has met them all, and the house, and
the situation are all part of a recurring dream. He reveals that
the dream always begins quietly and pleasantly, but after a certain
small incident the dream quickly descends into a ghastly nightmare.
The dream culminates in sheer horror- horror of his own creation,
from which he awakes drenched in sweat and unable to return to
sleep. He never remembers the dream until it begins to reoccur.
Fascinated by the idea of seeing into the future various guests
begin to tell their own unsettling tales.
1945- Running Time 103 Minutes
Directed By Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil
Dearden and Robert Hamer
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