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You are purchasing a 3 DVD/6 episode set of classic "Days Of Our Lives" episodes from November 1984.    Included is the infamous Roman Brady/Stefano DiMera fight on the cliff where Roman falls to his "supposed" death.   This storyline has become to be known as "The Island Adventure."

Episode one is from early November 1984 & includes Andre causing the plane to crash on a deserted island in Haiti.... Roman & Marlena finding out that newborn Eric will be ok after surgery....Larry wondering where Hope is, not knowing that she's on the plane to Haiti & how to use her non-pregnancy to his political advantage.  The rest of the episodes are from Thanksgiving week & include Roman going to the island to save everyone....Hope being held captive on Stefano's yacht....Stefano getting the prized prism....the infamous Roman/Stefano fight scene on the cliff where Roman falls to his "death" & dying in Bo's arms....Bo telling Marlena about Roman's death (with MANY Roman flashbacks!!!) & finally, all the survivors returning home with Hope telling the press that her marriage to Larry was a sham and that she was never pregnant. The final episode ends with Bo telling Hope to leave him alone & move on with his life. There's also the final shot of Roman being held captive by Stefano.

Very Good condition with original commercials. The first episode is from Election Night 1984 & has a promo with Deidre Hall saying that she's spending election night with NBC News.

Characters you'll see in these episodes include: Bo Brady, Hope Williams, Roman Brady, Stefano DiMera, Calliope Jones, Eugene Bradford, Liz Chandler, Tony DiMera, Andre DiMera, Anna DiMera, Daphne DiMera, Carlo Forenza, Megan Hathaway, Larry Welch, Neil Curtis, Roman Brady, Marlena Brady, Kimberly Brady, Alice Horton, Tom Horton, Danille Forenza, Gwen Davies, Alex Marshal, Melissa Horton, Shawn Brady, Caroline Brady, Howie Hoffsteader & Abe Carver.

Buyer pays $5.00 shipping....higher outside the USA.   Payment via PayPal or money order.   I have many more episodes & storylines from "Days Of Our Lives", dating back to the first episode in 1965 & the infamous "Cruise Of Deception.".   If you'd like a complete list of what I have, feel free to email me.   Thanks for stopping by!