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You are bidding on WB promo dvd of the unaired pilot #2 of Dawson's Creek. It also includes Epiosdes #103 and #104 all on this dvd.

These were the original rough cut versions that never aired. Most scenes are the same as what aired, but however for all 3 epiosdes on this dvd, the theme song is "Hand In My Pocket" by Alanis Morrisette. When Joey rows the boat away at the end of the pilot, "Dont Speak" by No Doubt is played instead of "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders.

Some scenes have not fully been edited with sound effects. There is a noticeble difference in episode 104 when the wind blows the Spileberg picture off Dawson's dresser. The sound effects are cleaned up more in the aired version. During commerical break slots, screen fades to black and says 'commerical break' on the dvd. The unaired pilot is different than the other I have listed. This is pretty much the same as the aired version but with a shorter intro and ALOT of different music. This is the way that Kevin Williamson envisioned and wanted the episodes to be, until they couldn't get the copyrights to some of the music.

I used to do some work at our local WB station and was able to aquire a some cool rare stuff.

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