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Advanced Sexual Hypnosis

"Should Any Man Be Given This Much Sexual Power With Women?

I have taken the hypnosis material from David Shade's Manual, and added every new technique, method, and even the mistakes I made so you won't make them too. And of course wild sexual adventure stories from my experience in my private 'Love Lab'. Inside of each story is the steps I use, my thought processes as I lead women to screaming orgasms while hallucinating the most kinky debauched sex scenes you can imagine. And I've included recordings of myself doing the exact same hypnotic inductions I use with every woman I've ever hypnotized.

Here's some of what you'll discover:
You can make a woman orgasm by touching her nose! Here's how it's done. (CD 2 - Track 3)
The High Paid Escort Fantasy -- How to get your woman to play the ultra-naughty role of a high paid hooker! (CD 1 - Track 8)
What to do if your girlfriend won't let you hypnotize her! (CD 2 - Track 2)
How to use the 7 Chakras as a trance induction. She can't resist because women love 'Energy' (CD 3 - Track 1)
The RIGHT WAY and the wrong way to give sexual hypnotic suggestions (CD 1 - Track 6)
The true erotic story of a woman's very first vaginal orgasm, including every hypnotic command to make it happen! (CD 2 - Track 1)
The 3 stages of Extended Sexual Orgasms and how to use hypnosis to make it happen.
How to use hypnosis to get your woman to try anal sex with you... and LOVE IT! (CD 1 - Track 5)
The Super Sneaky way to give your woman dreamy hypnotic orgasms while she sleeps! (CD 2 - Track 11)
A truly unique way to give a woman orgasms that she won't be able to describe with words! (CD 1 - Track 2)
How in hypnosis your woman will bring her most secret TABOO into your sex play! (CD 1 - Track 4)
By using trance, you can easily give your woman multiple bed shaking orgasms and have her attack you like a cat in heat. (CD 1 - Track 6)
How to set AUDIO ANCHORS you can use to give her a full mind-body orgasm... Anywhere! Anytime you want! (CD 2 - Track 3)
And MUCH, much more!

This is the ultimate guide to sexual hypnosis, now better than ever. You'll also be able to learn while your drive by listening to the CD's. I get comments all the time from guys who want to be able to 'listen and learn', and this time I pulled out all the stops to provide you with kick-ass high quality audio.

I hired a top radio voice talent to do all the audio for the program. This isn't some crappy computer microphone either. This was done with a microphone that costs more than a round trip flight to Thailand. And professionally edited.

Bonus Material

-- Special Major Mark Interview with David Shade. I'm very excited to have a special two hour interview with my mentor, good friend, and world renowned hypnosis instructor Mark Cunningham. If you've been around the seduction community you probably know him as Major Mark.

-- Follow Along With Me As I Do Hypnotic Inductions. People have asked me what I sound like when I hypnotize my girlfriend, so I have personally narrated the chapter called "A Complete Script" so that you hear exactly how I do it, right down to the voice inflection and pausing. The good news is, you can hear how I sequence the words, my voice inflections, and all the subtle elements that makes my hypnotic technique lethally effective.