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"Easily Make $100,000 a Year on ebay and get ready to Retire"

Do you want to make money on ebay? Read below and see what You will get in this package - Plus You get FREE shipping!

Learn from the Pros .... Dave Espino, Sydney Johnston, Tim Campbell, Cliff Ennico, Julie Monahan, Mike Enos - PlatinumPowerSeller and many more...

"Make Your dreams come true" ........ They Did!

This package will provide You with more than enough information to help You launch a successful and lucrative eBay business.
  • Buy wholesale for yourself or your family!
  • Buy wholesale for your website store!
  • Buy wholesale for your home town store!

One of the MOST COMPLETE Information and Resource File Assembly Offered to Help You Start and Launch Your Ebay Business!

After going through these 1,000's of files and you don't find a business that peeks your interest! ... I offer a 100% satisfaction, no questions asked money-back guarantee!

I don't just take your money - I genuinely want you to succeed and make money.

Updates! There will be a link on the download page that will have updates and will always remain free for buyers.

on eBay:

  • A Corvette is sold every 3 hours!
  • A Diamond Ring is sold every 6 minutes!
  • A Digital Camera is sold every 90 seconds!
  • Clothing is sold every 3 seconds!
  • Books and information products are sold every 1.5 seconds!

"You will Learn Where and How to find the best items to sell on ebay!"

What's included in this bundle?

  • Dave Espino's "Auction for Income Dropshipper list!"
  • Sydney Johnston's "Make Your Net Auction Sell"
  • Tim Campbell's "101 Ebay Seller Secrets Revealed"
    This one is worth the BIN price
  • Tim Campbell's "Insider Secrets To Successful eBay Trading"
  • "51 Secrets to eBay Success – Learn from the BEST!"
  • Cliff Ennico's "eBay Made EASY!"
  • Julie Monahan's "Finding Product Sources For Your eBay Biz!" How to Sell on eBay - 5 Tips!
    Choosing the right products to sell
    Preparing to sell
    Best times to list your items
    How to get FREE shipping supplies
    How to get the HIGHEST PRICE for your item
  • "SEVEN online money-makers!"
  • "SEVEN places to find new products for resale!"
  • Corey Rudl's Secrets To Internet Business Course!
  • How to get 100 eBay FeedBacks In Only 7 Days!
  • (20,000)Recipes .. That's Right! Twenty thousand tantalizing recipes that will excite your taste buds and add variety to every meal. Create everything from appetizers to desserts -- make an elegant five-course dinner for 12 or a ten-minute dish for two! (you can sell these recipes by category or sell them in one bundle)
  • Five 100% completely free software program!

Free Shipping


"I have purchased items from these list and have been very happy with the results. You won't be disappointed for this small investment"


"just wanna thank You so very much I bought your Dave Espino listing YESTERDAY!!!! And I already have thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on EBAY !!!! Thank You soo very much.."


"I'm able to work at home with my wife and kids or I can travel anywhere in the world, as long as I have my laptop and an Internet connection. I have the freedom to work as much or as little as I want, whenever and wherever I want. In short, life is very good!"


"Having a successful online business has given me the opportunity to do many of the things I love. I am able to work from home and be available to my wife and children anytime they need me"


"eBay has been a huge turnaround in our lives. Our children have things that they would never have otherwise, and this is why I am doing it -- for their future. I love being able to do 'mommy stuff' as well as being a business woman. I love that I can work from home and not get dressed if I am having a good time selling."


"There is no other opportunity that allows everyone the ability to play on an equal playing field, whether You're just looking to make a few extra bucks a week to pay the babysitter or for You to earn a full time income! "

You will learn a step by step approach and a strategy to apply to virtually any product on ebay, the specifics are related to your own niche market interest and merchandise. With over a 1000 categories, You can sell anything on eBay, choosing what to sell is one of the most important considerations.

  • Want to make more money with your auctions?
    Decrease the amount of time You spend listing your auctions?
  • Decrease the amount of time You spend filling orders?
  • Want to know the best products to sell?
  • Tips and tricks on how to make your ads look better?
  • When to list and end your auction?
  • How to get people to LOOK at them?

If You are looking for items that You can make a huge profit on and wipe out your competition then You need to have these Wholesaler and Dropshipper resource lists!

Get the private success secrets of eBay Power Sellers --Secrets that they are using every day to make big money from eBay.

Most listings of this kind offer You "one" list or a small bundle of files. With this offer, You will receive information files filled with "tips, tricks, and techniques" PLUS.. Wholesaler and Drop Shipper lists with some "special" lists added including International suppliers.

You will receive your package within 24 hours of payment (usually much sooner) so You can get started on your new future RIGHT NOW!

This is the package that will change your life, it did ours! What do You have to lose? Find your freedom today.


By using eBay and the information contained in this Bundle You can take control of your life and enjoy these same benefits as the Pro's Do! ... Plus You can finally obtain relief from the following irritants usually associated with working for others. Do any of these sound familiar to You?

  • The Boss looking over your shoulder!
  • Early morning rush hour traffic. Especially freeway traffic!
  • Stiff dress code. You can work in your pajamas!
  • A Set lunch hour. Eat when and where You want! You can call in sick without worrying about what the boss will say the next day, because You're the boss!
  • Office politics!
  • Layoffs!
  • Office jerks to deal with!
  • Schmoozing to move up the company ladder!
  • Unruly employees to manage!
  • Ridiculous projects to complete!
  • Stressful deadlines to meet!
  • Unfair performance reviews to complain about!
  • Inconsiderate or inconvenient vacation schedules!
  • Brown nosing or other undesirable activities
Here are just a few of the benefits of operating a home business on eBay. Which ones are most appealing to You?
  • Financial safety through additional income: Imagine the added security You'll gain from the income generated by your business. When financial issues arise, as they inevitably do, You'll be prepared with extra resources.
  • Personal freedom: When You decide to operate your business full time

    {You will when You see how easy it is}, You'll find that You have more control over your personal time. You can choose to invest this *quality* time however You desire i.e. more time with family, travel, further education. It's up to You.

  • Self Empowerment: There's no substitute for the feeling of control and independence You'll experience through business ownership. It's one of the most genuine forms of self actualization.

With small start up costs, year round business, and and these eBay Marketing Tactics, Internet Auctions can be your path to achieving these goals and a lot more.

Making money on eBay was easy during the mid and late 1990s. In comparison to today, few eBay sellers existed and buyers were flocking to eBay in droves.

There has never been a Better time to start Your own Online Auction Business ... Think about it! ... Literally thousands of additional people will do their shopping online each month!

Even today, eBay receives billions of page views each month, more than any auction website on the internet. In the year 2004 eBay did a staggering $3.27 billion dollars in sales, so the money making potential for You definitely exists. Still, if You want to make money on eBay, You must know what You're doing.

Buy Items at what dealers pay:

Find brand name products at the lowest prices,
Buy for little and sell for tremendous profits!

Additional information

Dave Espino's "Auction for Income Dropshipper list!"

This is the same list that comes with Dave's $49 package . So, why pay $49 when all You really need is the DROPSHIPPING and WHOLESALE resource lists?

This list contains hundreds of credible links to connect You directly to wholesale websites that offer You products You can buy at wholesale prices to buy and resale for huge profits. You will not be able to find these websites on your own. You need this list.

The wholesale distributors in this list are eager to sell to individuals wanting to start a new wholesale business on the internet. Their success is your success.

The majority of these sites have no membership fees and no minimum purchase. There are no tax ID'S needed.

There are also links to sites that will also sell to You in bulk quantities for even LARGER discounts on their products.

These suppliers will even provide You with a drop shipping service. They ship the product IN YOUR BUSINESS NAME for You to your customer. You do not need to carry ANY INVENTORY.


Yes, there are other Dave Espino lists available for purchase however what You will probably get is the list sent to You in an e-mail body. It will be full of links that are probably unclickable. It may be old and out of date.

This list that You will receive is updated to 2005
This list is an actual file that is clean and crisp
This file has clickable hyperlinks which will make your life easier and more convenient!


PLUS.... Sydney Johnston's "Make Your Net Auction Sell" ... (This ebook is a must have!)

This 229 page ebook "The Masters Course" shows You, step by step, how to generate great income -- You know, the enough-to-save-for-retirement type of income. The only question You'll have is why You never did this sooner!

"Make Your Net Auction Sell!, The Masters Course" shows You how to.. build your own highly trafficked theme-based content site, which ultimately will be the crux of your growing online business, advertise like a pro, for maximum results, deal effectively with your buyers, encourage positive feedback and generate recurring sales, ship in the most labor-and-cost efficient manner, and/or how to avoid it altogether!, get paid without worry and avoid pitfalls and innocent mistakes

PLUS.... Tim Campbell's "101 Ebay Seller Secrets Revealed" ...Superb!

PLUS.... Tim Campbell's "Insider Secrets To Successful eBay Trading" ...Invaluable!

The titles say it all: "101 eBay Power-Seller Secrets Revealed". and "Insider Secrets To Successful eBay Trading" These popular ebook's break down the important mechanics of eBay selling into simple quotes. Not only are these a quick read, but the structure of the books will trick You into memorizing some of the most important eBay concepts. Here are some of the topics these eBook's cover: - How to sell on eBay
- What product to sell
- Keys to eBay success
- What buyers want
- Tips & Tricks of the trade
- How to increase bids
- How to Make big profits !
- and MORE!!

PLUS.... "51 Secrets to eBay Success – Learn from the BEST!"

Sell like a pro, even if You're just starting out! These eBay experts share their top power-selling tips.

Whether You're about to start a business on eBay or are ready to take your existing business to the next level, we've put together 51 tips for successful selling on eBay from a panel of experts:

PLUS.... Cliff Ennico's "eBay Made EASY!"
Ready to make it big selling on eBay? We break it down into five easy steps so You can get started NOW!
Cliff Ennico, best known as co-host of PBS TV series Money Hunt, is author of Small Business Survival Guide and a faculty member of eBay University, where he teaches the legal and tax aspects of starting an eBay business.

PLUS.... Julie Monahan's "Finding Product Sources For Your eBay Biz!"
eBay success isn't just about how much You sell, but how smart You buy!

Julie Monahan is a writer in Seattle whose articles on small business and emerging technology have appeared in numerous consumer and trade magazines.

"How to Sell on eBay - 5 Tips!"
TIP #1 Choosing the right products to sell
TIP #2 Preparing to sell
TIP #3 Best times to list your items
TIP #4 How to get FREE shipping supplies
TIP #5 How to get the HIGHEST PRICE for your item!

"SEVEN online money-makers!"

"SEVEN places to find new products for resale!"

PLUS.... ....More

TOTAL OF 47 "Invaluable" FILES, PLUS.... hundreds of links

and it gets better! All the files include FULL RESELL RIGHTS! Sell them together or individually.

PLUS We will post a link to an eBook containing Corey Rudl's Secrets To Internet Business Course.

PLUS...We will post a link for You to download to your computer over 650 eBooks! .... Full of classic literature, children's favorites, money making secrets, fascinating facts, ready made legal documents, business ideas etc etc .....

TIP # Feedback is KING ... Selling these eBooks works great to build up your feedback and to make extra money on Ebay. If You want to boost your feedback rating, just sell those eBooks for $0.99 or more .. (enough to cover listing and commission costs) and You'll sell 3 or 4 of each per day.

Use the Buy it Now and order this Bundle Today!


FRIENDLY NOTE: We will send You a URL link "via your email" where You can download these lists ..... PLUS for the software You will be provided a link to a website where You can download all these programs.
Please do not place an order for this list if You don't have a valid email address.
All the lists that You will receive in this bundle will be in zip format to be downloaded to your hard drive.

Most all lists will have clickable hyperlinks to suppliers and others will have their contact information.

PLUS ... (5) Five 100% completely free software programs that You will use for your ebay business. There yours for free! .. You will be provided a link "via your email" to a website where You can download all these programs for Free! they will be registered to You.. These programs are all You will need for your ebay Business.

That's right, 100% completely free software, that You can Download and start using the most user friendly software around.

Desktop Publishing
PagePlus Logo
• Ads & Brochures
• Business Stationery
• Flyers & Forms
• Invitations
• Greeting Cards
• Over 500+ free templates
The easiest way to get professional desktop publishing results on your desktop printer. With your PC, printer, You can save time and money. No experience required!

Photo and Image Editing
PhotoPlus Logo
• Image Export Optimizer
• Photo Enhancement
• Unique Selection Options
• Image Slicing/Image Maps
• Editable Text
• Smart Shapes
Number one choice for photo editing software and working with bitmap images for the web, multimedia, or the printed page. Once You've got your image into PhotoPlus, You can enhance and alter its appearance with a diverse toolkit of functions and effects.

Web Site Design & Publishing
WebPlus Logo
• Multiple Document Interface
• Helpful Advice
• Table Editor
• Web Site Templates
• and much more!
If You thought creating web pages was difficult, think again! You'll be designing and publishing professional looking web sites fast. Whether You're a professional or novice You'll come to appreciate the easy to use atmosphere in this software.

Graphic Design and Vector Drawing
DrawPlus Logo
• Drag & Drop Formatting
• Animation Mode
• Advanced Graphic Functions
• Border Wizard
• Transparency Effects
• Backdrop Wizard
Whether You want a classy logo, attention grabbing text, or an artistic masterpiece, has the power and tools to help You. Beginners and professionals praised this as one of the best design programs ever!

3D Animation and Modeling
3dPlus Logo
• 3D Animation Capability
• Enhanced 3D Resources
• Improved 3D Tools
• Performance Advances
• Customizability
• Direct output Preview
Ready to add a new dimension to your web graphics projects, presentations, or desktop publishing? 3D Plus 2 will take You there! 3D Plus puts all the tools and resources You'll need within easy reach. The professional-quality results will amaze You!

The Whole Package contains a massive amount of information that can be accessed and downloaded from the Member's Only Website. Upon confirmation of payment, you will be sent your User Name and Password by email for IMMEDIATE ACCESS.

A link will be sent to the e-mail address of your PayPal account within a few hours, 12 at the most. If you don't see it within 24 hours of paying, check your spam, bulk, or trash folder, as it will be there. MSN, AOL and HOTMAIL are usually to blame. If you still don't see it, please contact me, We will simply send it again.

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My Philosophy:
In my mind, it's you the customer that makes my job possible, so that means you are the most important part of my business.  If there is ever any problem you have, please contact me.  I am always willing to help.
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I accept Paypal, Check, or Money Order.  All payments must be made in U.S. currency.
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Winning bidders are required to pay within 10 days after the close of this auction.
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Please contact me before leaving any neutral or negative feedback.  I am always willing to help my customers with any issues they may have.  Positive feedback will be left upon receipt of positive feedback.  Negative feedback will be left for all non-paying customers.
International Bidders:
Payment from international bidders must be made in U.S. currency.


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Purchase hosting from the link on my about me page and I'll customize your sales page for free!

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